7 Gold Scratch Card Review

General overview

When it comes to top notch high-quality scratch card products, that plays quite nicely, NetEnt is software company you can’t go wrong with. They scratch card game variates from standard one to ones filled with featured. 7 Gold Scratch is type of game that cover both of that basis: it is simple and fun and has great features to make it more delightfully interesting. No matter that this is only a scratch card game they really did pay attention to details and graphics – it’s visually pleasing and has smooth gameplay. We highly recommend this particular scratch card game since it has it all!


General game theme is heavily goldish with exception of green fields. On the left hand side, you can see huge game logo that has simple yet amazing details while on the right hand side you can see scratching cards. The general game plan is to scratch three of the same symbols on the field and there’s also a panel at the bottom of the ticket to remove as well.

This game also features ‘Reveal’ button built in it that will reveal paytable at any given moment it is clicked.
Apart from basic game options, NetEnt went one step further and gave players chance to alter some options as: turning sounds on or off, altering the game graphics as well as tool for changing panel: blue button, a red guitar plectrum and a silver hair clip.


Each ticket cost €2 and once you have purchased it and picked your scratching tool, the game can start. Player can manually scratch the card while moving mouse over gold and green panels and left clicking the mouse. Apart from manual scratching of cards you can use “Scratch All” button to do everything at once, automatic, and save you the trouble.
With ability to win €100,000. This game has a type of bonus game built in it. If you uncover three gold sevens on the main panels, you will be rewarded with prize money that is displayed at the bottom of the screen. The maximum reward in 7 Gold scratch card game can go as high as €100,000 which is really