American Blackjack Game Review

General Info and Gameplay

Player edge friendly blackjack games are always most popular choice for both new and old players returning to this fun game. Some of them obviously favor the house making them lose the general popularity. That is definitely not the case with American Blackjack Game since it only favors the house for around 0.50% of the time. Now, it is important to mention that those numbers only apply if player uses perfect blackjack strategy. In American Blackjack Game player will be able to play up to three hands at once against the dealer. So, player will be able to place three bets at the time. Once the player placed his respectable wagers, he can start the game up and see if he won or not.

Important directives and rules

As in all blackjack games, there are few directives that every player needs to look after so he doesn’t miss out on getting most out of the game. They are consisted of basic game rules as well as tips for making the most out of it.
There are six packs used in the game and all of them are shuffled after each turn. Player will be able to use split option but only for paired cards and not more than once and you can only double down on totals of tens and elevens. It is also important to mention that you will be able to double down after splitting and that American Blackjack don’t have late surrender option available. Insurance should always be avoided but in case you do make a stand for it, please note that it pays 2:1. Natural blackjack pays standard 3:2, and dealer must stand on seventeen and draw to sixteen. There are quite a few unique differences in American Blackjack Game, but that is not the bad thing. This game gained rock sky popularity since it has really high chances that favor to the player – meaning it attract a lot of high-skilled players that know their blackjack strategies and tricks.


The graphics and cards flipping are nothing special but we don’t consider this to be a big downside since this particular game is not all about the looks. The favorable and memorable part of the game is its percentage of winnings and fact that you can place up to three bets at the time. This game is one of the safest and most favorable choice for blackjack professionals.