Baccarat Gold Review

General overview

Baccarat has been well-known to be highly popular game of European aristocrats and Microgaming Gold series of this game are very popular in most nowadays online casinos. It features amazing looking interface features, which make the gameplay incredibly realistic and highly enjoyable. We can put it this way – if you love baccarat game and its variations, you won’t be disappointed with this particular title.

Rules and Betting Options

This particular type of baccarat let you wager up to nine hands with range of bets varies from 5 to 500 credits. It is consisted of standard eight decks with no jokers included all of them are shuffled in dealers shoe. All of the game regulations and payout standards are no different than classic baccarat game.

The major difference is that bet on a tie is supposed to be side here since it can be made either separately or in pair with basic bet. Baccarat gold also offer ability to bet on first two cards of either dealer or player.
Baccarat Gold payouts are: 1:1 for banker (with 5% fee) and player, tie will be 8:1 and dealers pair or players pair 11:1.

However, in Baccarat Gold game it is prohibited to bet on player and dealer simultaneously. What we love the most about Microgaming Baccarat Gold game is the fact they really did paid attention to small details like: after each card shuffle some of the cards are discarded and general details in game are really top-notch. The only minor downside of this game is the fact it does not have any kind of jackpot included.
It also important to mention that betting on a banker is always a smarter choice than betting on a player since it comes with a bit lower house edge compared to a player bet. So,keep that in mind, next time you place you wagers.



Baccarat Gold is called the giant of online baccarat gambling games and there sure is a reason for that. Perfect design, high winning chances and beautiful details makes this game perfect choice for high-quality online casino games lovers. This amazing game also comes with a demo mode so you will be able to fully test it up before spending any more on it which is highly generous offer coming from gambling software giants – Microgaming.