Classic Blackjack Game Review

Game overview

When searching online casinos for popular Blackjack games player can find himself confused with a vast choice of games offered. Although, many of them are really good and don’t lack overall quality that you look for in Blackjack game, Classic Blackjack game is kind of game most of the players (beginners and professional) will eventually decide to go for. Being a simplest variation of the game, that is played with a single deck of cards, this game variation doesn’t lack in need of basic strategy and planning required to play it as a pro. Played with a less cards then usual (and them being shuffled after every deal), this game does keep its core intact meaning that will bring hours of amazing entertainment while giving a player possibility to earn some great cash payouts.

Gameplay and Rules

This type of blackjack game follows the same basic rules as standard blackjack game: the main goal is to have better hand than a dealer (but not greater than 21).
Cards values are also standard ones where aces are counted as either 1 or 11 and all of the picture cards are valued as 10. The remaining cards have their standard (numeric) values. Main goal for dealer is that he must draw on 16 or lower and must stand at 17 or higher. If player get Ace and a 10 (or a picture card for that matter) on their first deal, he has the natural blackjack. Now, the two situations can occur: if only player has a blackjack, the standard payout (3:2) will be granted but if the dealer has one then it is a push (draw). At each turn, player will get two cards, face up, while the dealer receives one card face up and another card face down. Considering dealers up card is most important part of classic blackjack strategy but you can always ask for another card (Hit) or decide to pass the action to the dealer (Stand). If player hits and exceeds 21, he will Bust, and the dealer wins automatically, without need to draw.


Options and Tips for Classic Blackjack Game

Other than basic blackjack strategies that can be applied on all of the blackjack games variations there are 3 general directives that will help you win even more. Those are called: insurance, splitting and doubling.


– After dealer shows of ace or a ten the chances of flipping a blackjack are pretty low (as low as 30%) and with a bet of 1:1 this option is not always the best choice for a player since you probably won’t get anything out of it.


– In Classic Blackjack, player is always available to use splitting option. We highly suggest using this when having a pair of 8s or Aces. Why? Well, in this particular game type, player will only be able to use splitting option once so if you get pair of Aces and you split them, you won’t be able to make use of this option again and that can be a bummer.


– This option can be used when a player gets first two cards. He can then hit the ‘double’ and he will receive one more card. After that, the hand will be as it is. This brings kind of gambling sense to a game and should be used with consideration.


Having a basic skill of card counting and logical as well as deductive thinking, player will surely be able to take advantage of Classic Blackjack Game. Found in most of popular online casinos, this game variations have a basic sense to it. However, don’t let the game fools you – the simple dealer’s tricks and few seconds of not paying a full attention can get you loosing right away. Also, if you play live classic blackjack game, another great perk that you will get is that you will be able to see dealer’s deck all the time, thus removing any suspicion of ‘shoe dealing’ activities from dealer himself. That way, player can relax (since he is safe from funny businesses) and try to get the best out of this amazing game.

Classic Blackjack Game