Deuces Wild Double Up Poker Review

General overview

As Deuces Wild Double Up gets ready to load, you will feel the classic chills going through you as this game leaves quite a strong first impression. This game is simply fabulous video poker game that will leave anyone breathless. It is based on standard 52-card poker rule, including how the cards are shuffled and dealt, as well as how hands are formed. It is available on computers and mobile phones. Gameplay is smooth on both of those devices, making this game a perfect choice for anyone.

With good versatility and overall compatibility of this game, we consider Deuces Wild Double Up poker game to be a poker for all generations. The main difference is that card 2 is considered as Wild card and. Apart from that, general directives of poker game are applied, so following the same basic poker strategies can get you some fancy rewards in no time.


In denominations of 1, 5, 10, or 25 this particular game is played with at least one up to 25 hands. Betting part of the game is pretty straightforward since player will be able to choose between 1-5 levels of bets. Depending on level of bet selected, the coin sizes will increase, thus making wagers bigger and bigger. Pressing the ‘DEAL’ button will get the game rolling. The round ends when any of the players collet designated winnings from the table. Now to spice things up, this awesome poker game has bonus game that will make player choose does he wants to go ‘double or nothing’ at any moment’s notice.

Winning Hands in Deuces Wild Double Up

  • Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10s without a wild card (Natural Royal Flush)
  • All the 2s (Four Deuces)
  • Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10s with deuces as wilds to substitute for other cards (Royal Straight Flush)
  • Five cards of the same suit that are in a sequence (Straight Flush)
  • Four cards of the same rank plus one card substituted with deuce one (Five of a Kind)
  • Classic Full House – three matching cards of the same rank plus two matching cards of another rank
  • Five cards that are same suit (Flush)
  • Five consecutive cards that are mixed suits (Straight)
  • Four matching cards that are same rank (Four of a Kind)
  • Three matching cards that are same rank (Three of a Kind)

Double Up Bonus Gamble Feature

Now as in every great online poker game there is bonus game included. This particulars game bonus let you double or nothing your winnings after every hand you win. Deuces game even you turn gambling option on, so every time you win a hand, your reward will be gambled for double of nothing. The Double Up bonus game is played really simple. Every player is presented with five faced down cards and prompted to choose the color of the card; Managing to guess the color will grant you designated coin value that is shown before the game. Making a wrong choice will make the bonus game end.

Final Words

It doesn’t take much to make online poker game great. Stunning design, compatibility will all known devices and some unique innovative bonus feature. Well, maybe it does take a lot. Never the less, the Deuces Wild Double Up poker game got it all and with amazing double or nothing gamble bonus feature added to it, it is a perfect choice for all players that want to have fun while earning few extra bucks.