Double Ball Roulette Review

General overview

Felt Gaming is amazing software company that managed to create some of the more specific type of games over the course of the year. The public loves them since they are known to produce features packed games such as Double Ball roulette. This particular roulette introduces many new exciting features to the established formula, making the game really fun to play. They are also well-known for using cutting edge technologies to create most beautiful roulette designs combined with uniquely amazing sound effects. Double Ball Roulette is a type of roulette game that is packed with a memorable action and innovative features. It has interesting mechanics and visual aspects. This particular roulette title needs to build its name up that’s for sure, but once you try it out, you are hooked for life.

Gameplay and Rules

Double Ball Roulette is a classic European type of roulette meaning it only features one green zero on the field. The major difference is that it has two balls rolling instead of one. It features standard inside and outside bets but to win an inside one only one of the balls must be hit. To get outside bets both balls must be placed at winning pockets. Two balls really do increase winning by a lot, which can’t be a bad thing. It is really stylish and good looking (Felt Gaming put some work in it, no doubt about that) and the outcome is stunning. Layout is really feast for the eyes and when combined with animations it is really something to enjoy.

Double Ball Roulette Jackpot

Having two balls rolling in the game is really something unique. It launches the game to a whole new perspective while increasing fun and general possibilities. Generous payout of 35:1 is something worth every player time! The win of 1200:1 can also be won. To win this jackpot, both of the balls must land on designated number. We do agree that chances of that happening are slim, but still, we are in for a gambling. This really adds up tons of fun to this specific game. Game also features an option to view history of spins, which is great for more skilled player to analyze and even try to beat the games system. However, two balls system make this even harder than in classic roulette games out there.

Final Words

Unique concept of two balls, stunning graphics with animations that will make your time worth as well as the fact that you can win the most generous roulette jackpot make this game very lucrative. General directives and rules are easy to follow since Double Roulette is based on most popular roulette variation – European one. You will love it.