Double Exposure Blackjack Game Review

General Game Info

Online blackjack games have gained their well-deserved popularity over the course of the years for few straight-forward reasons. They are fun to play, they are skill-based games and their overall versatility is simply amazing. The synonym of online gambling casinos are blackjack games, no doubt about that. The Double Exposure, as name refers, is blackjack game variations where both of the dealer cards are exposed.

Gameplay and Rules

As standard blackjack games, Double Exposure follow the same set of rules. Game itself is played with six to eight decks placed in dealer shoe and general objective of the game remains the same: get the closest you can to 21 as you can. Card values are also counted as usual: 10s and face(picture) cards have value of 10, while Aces have value of 1 and/or 11. Remaining deck cards have their printed numeric values.
Game itself begins when dealer deal two cards to each player and two cards to himself. As mentioned, both of dealer’s cards are faced up so player will have more than few strategies and options to go over through. Player can then hit, stand, split or double. As in all other blackjack game variations, after all of the players have done taking their turns, dealer will draw his cards. If the value doesn’t go over 21 all of the player hands are compared and payouts are granted.

Special Double Exposure Rules

The fact that both of dealer cards are exposed to a player sight, there are few variations in rules; to make game more favorable to the house of course. All summed-up, the Double Exposure game benefits house a lot but never the less it can be highly generous to player.
  • Natural blackjacks are also paid 1:1 (in other game variations they are 3:2).
  • On all the ties (pushes) the house wins.
  • Players will be able to split only once
  • Dealer must always draw on 16 & stand on 17 which is reasonable.
  • Being able to double after the split is option available only is some occasions.
All of these rules combined make the hose has somewhere around 0.66% – 1.47% of the edge in their favor making this game really generous to players.

Double Exposure Tips

We guess every player wish more in gambling games. So, to increase your winning potential in Double Exposure Blackjack game you should follow the next directives:
  • Following the general blackjack strategy is utterly most important in every blackjack game. So is the case here.
  • Always make sure to fully understand the game rules before placing your bets. This way you will avoid losses.
  • Make sure to check out the casino bonuses available to get the most out of this game. You don’t want to miss on special rewards available.


With all of these small tweak’s the Double Exposure Blackjack game brings to a table, it is really important to follow of the blackjack strategies so you don’t miss out on any winnings. However, if you are looking for a gambling blackjack type of game, you will be very disappointed since this one doesn’t have it. This particular blackjack variation is more for patient and safe type of players. If you are looking for a blackjack game with a lot of gambling features, be sure to check out European Blackjack Game.