European Blackjack Game Review

General Game Info

While not being so popular at real-life casinos, European Blackjack game variation still remain of the most desired blackjack game types in most nowadays online casinos. This particular game is played with two full decks of 104 cards and is kind of very basic and easy to learn. We will guide you through the basic rules of European Blackjack style and give you best possible tips for winning it big.

Gameplay and Rules

At the begging of the game all players as well as dealer will be granted two cards. One of the dealer cards will be shown to players while other one remains hidden until all players have made their preferable choices. General aim of the game is simple: get as close as you possibly can to 21 while not going over – busting. If player manages to get 21 in his first two cards, he will be granted standard strict online casino payout of 3:2.
Then the game part starts. Remaining players will be prompted to choose between hit or stand. If player decides to hit, he will then be granted additional card but if his count goes over the designated 21, he will lose his bet. Stand option means that player is satisfied with his cards at the moment. Once all of the players had made their preferable choices, dealer will show up his second card resulting in blackjack or not – this is something every player should look after in European Blackjack since dealer can have ‘hidden’ blackjack all time along. However, if dealer don’t own a blackjack he will then take another card if his total count is 16 or under or stand if he has 17 or better. Dealer will also be able to take a third card and continues to apply until he either reaches 17+ or busts for that matter. Dealer busting will make all players win but if that doesn’t happen, then the strongest hand rule applies meaning that only players with a higher number then dealer will win.

European Blackjack Tips

Being extra careful and observative can cause a lot of great payouts in this game type. However, there are few main directives that we would like to mention to every player:
  • -The dealer’s blackjack will always beat all other hands totaling 21.
  • -Dealer can’t peek for his blackjack – making this a great gambling option for every player. So, keep that in mind all the time.
  • -Splitting: Player will be able to use splitting options up to three times but only for same pair of cards (two Qs, two Js etc.). Splitting Aces is limited to a once per round so player should be extra careful and considerate with this option.
  • -Doubling: This cool option is only available on hands that are totaling 9, 10, or 11.


If you take in consideration that after every round deck will be reshuffled, there is really no difference if you want to play in live or in preferable online casino choice. The fact that you can double only on hands that are totaling 9, 10, or 11, make European Blackjack quite simple game. However, card counting and deep-strategizing is not as available in this particular type of game as it is in other. Never the less, this game can bring a potentially generous rewards and hours of memorable fun.