European Roulette Review

General European Roulette Info

Playing a good roulette game from the comfort of your chair really adds up to the overall experience of gambling and if played correctly the chances of getting some fancy rewards only adds up to this already genuine experience. European Roulette is simply fascinating game based on the European roulette table – that means there are only one green zero instead of two as in the American Roulette which is a good thing – no one likes green zeros since they ruin the fun. Number sequence is something that also set the EU roulette apart from the American one. If you take a look at European roulette wheel the number on the right side of the single zero is 32 while on the double zero roulette it’s a number 28. Also, the European roulette has 37 numbers available for play (counting 0 too).

Electrarcade LTD. European Roulette Game

There are quite few European Roulette games you can find in reputable online casinos but we will take a look at the most popular one coming from Electrarcade Ltd.

Game is presented with a spinning wheel in the foreground and betting table above it as well as options for more complicated betting options.


On the far-right hand side you can find chip size section ranging from £0.20 and the largest being £250.00. The maximum bet player can make is £10,000. Betting on largest numbers for better odds 36/1 or any other combinations including red/black, odd/even and high/low. Some of the complex betting options available that we mentioned earlier are:

  • Red Splits – a bet on each occurrence of two red numbers that are together on the betting mat.
  • Black Splits – a bet on each occurrence of two black numbers that are together on the betting mat.
  • Voisins Du Zero – bet on zero and the 16 neighboring numbers – this one is pretty awesome
  • Tiers Du Cylindre – a bet on the third of the wheel (that include 12 numbers) opposite to the Voisins Du Zero

Once you have placed your bets and everything is ready, you just roll the ball and the game starts.
If you are looking over the Internet for a perfect playing strategy or tips how to fool a European Roulette, you won’t find any despite of what you may read. Instead some general strategies as Martingale system (bet on(almost) 50/50 proposition such as black/red and all you do is double your stake each time you lose); when you win revert to the original stake can provide some nice payouts over time.

Apart from Electrarcade Ltd. Version of European roulette there are quite few more popular ones that managed to make their way in online casino world as being high-quality games. They all have their advantages and disadvantages like graphics, betting options, house edge, mobile devices compatibility and other useful settings.
Some of honorable European Roulette games mentions are:

Final Words

European Roulette style of roulette game is really nice and one of the most noticeable in all online casinos since it brings only one green zero thus minimizing chances for everything to go wrong. Besides that, roulette games are pretty amazing because if player covered all the basic strategies of it, they can bring a lot of nice rewards.