Joker Wild Double Up Poker Review

General overview

If you’ve came across one of the NetEnt video poker games, you know that they never lack any kind of quality. So is the case with an upgraded version of Joker Wild poker game called Joker Wild Double Up Poker game. This particular title is, with no doubt, a graphical superior of its core game and with bonus feature added – more fun. Apart from bonus game added, this game also allow player to play up to 25 hands in one round (Joker Wild poker game only allowed one hand per round) which can never be the bad thing. With a superior graphic design and uniquely beautiful sounds, this game is surely a title to remember.
When basic Joker Wild poker game first came out, it was heavily criticized for having, not so great looking logo. Now, with this version of the game, logo is placed on the top left and it has simple yet amazing design. Underneath logo you can see menu of multipliers that you will receive for winning poker hands. Scattered across the top interface are the various different winning hands. If you choose to go with one hand, the cards will be shown at bottom of the screen. Going for more than one hand and those hands card will also be placed at the bottom of the screen but in smaller size.


Some of the features, like coin size, are adjustable in this game from the minimum amount of €0.10 up to €10. Bet level is also adjustable from tier one to tier five and if player decide to play all hands available (25) the maximum wager placed can go high as €62.50 per round.
After the respected wagers are placed the central green button which will deal you your sets of cards. Managing to form a win from the cards that you have received will highlight them in the grid to the left of the screen. Cards that are involved in that particular win will also be held in position by players choice. Pressing big green central button will replace the designated cards.
Apart from classic round of poker game, this game also includes a bonus game. The bonus game is no different than other NetEnt bonus games that we find in their poker ‘double up’ variations. You will be taken to a new screen and be prompted to choose color of each card (there are five of them placed face-down). Managing to guess the color of it will grant you double up of your reward. Guessing wrong will make bonus game end.

Final Words

What can we say more about this great Joker Wild poker game. Jokers that act as a wild card, amazing and quite generous gambling bonus round that goes really well with cutting edge technology design just makes all player crave for more. And we do, since Joker Wild Double up poker game can be really generous with payouts. This memorable title is our safe recommendation. Please, do enjoy it.