Microgaming Craps Review

General information’s

When we talk about Microgaming there is no doubt that they are largest and most popular providers of online gaming software on a global scale. All of the featuring and leading online casinos run their software. They have everything required: amazing graphics, smooth gameplay, memorable design and high competitive gambling odds. At this moment they are the largest producers of gambling software including all kind of casino games, slot machine roulette games, blackjack, baccarat, craps and everything in both online playable and downloadable versions. All of their software is highly compatible with all devices and operating systems. The only minor downside is the fact that most of their software’s are not available to US players.

Betting Options

Microgaming craps, are best known for some crazy high betting limits (they go over 1.000$) so they are really suitable for high rollers. Chip sizes or coins for that matter scale from 1 to 200. These betting options make all of their craps game highly accessible to all player, and they are.


Most of their games has 3x of the odds combined with stunning graphics, unique sounds and amazing smooth gameplay that runs really well on all devices. Vivid and clear color that are not to invasive is just a thing to enjoy.
Being a craps software giant, they made some unique options like Redo, Undo, Clear, Roll and Repeat. Their craps games also provide some of the most detailed stats about winnings, bets and general game info that you can find. It is all packed really well into any screen size. We know it sound unbelievable, but it is true. Apart from everything mention, they also offer ‘Free Play’ mod for most of their craps games, which is always nice feature.


General Microgaming craps games directives are pretty straight-forward: you select your wagers (while sticking to the limits) then you press the ‘roll’ button.
The general craps games can be kind-of confusing, we must admit that, but Microgaming has taken care of that too with a newbie craps tutorial built in every game.
Microgaming craps games layout follows the Vegas style where win bets are place bets to win. On the other hand, lose bets are place bets to lose. Lose bets payouts are 2 to 5, 4 to 7, 4 to 5.
Another great Microgaming craps feature is that player is able to place odd bets even when the dealer establishes a point. Those are called Lay and Buy bets, and they however, do, pay out a smaller reward, they are quite useful.
And if you think their cool features ends there, you are oh so wrong since bets can be individually managed meaning that if player wish to hardway bets during the come-out roll, they can turn the others off.