Mini Baccarat Review

General overview

If you are looking a baccarat game that has pretty straight forward rules with no additional or complicated features but can provide a decent payout then Mini Baccarat is a game for you. General public did criticize this particular game for being too minimalistic, but it is called Mini Baccarat for a reason. It is supposed to be minimalistic and straight forward. Apart from that name, this particular game is also known as American baccarat.


Following the traditional rules of a baccarat game, Cryptologic managed to create this little piece of masterpiece game that has the range of bets varies from twenty-five to two and a half thousand dollars that can only be played on one hand. All the cards are shuffled before each round, as in standard baccarat game.

As in standard baccarat, player can place his wagers on one of three possible bets before two default cards are being dealt. If necessary, additional card can be dealt to a bank and a player. Cool feature of this game is that it has built-in rules info inside it. On simple mouse hover of ‘rules’ you will get all information needed to make your next move which is really nice. However, this game has slightly different multiplies, for example:

  • Banker’s victory will go for 1:1
  • Player’s victory will go for 1:1 with 5% commission fee
  • Tie bet will go for 8:1.

Now, Cryptologic has went even one step further to make this game as simple as it gets. The full understanding of rules is actually not needed, since virtual assistant will help you with anything apart from placing the bets and wagers.
Downside of this small but amazing game is the fact that it does not have any type of jackpot or bonuses available.



If you are looking for a great baccarat game that will get you hooked up instantaneously on it, this is a perfect match. However, this game does require you to wager a bit more cash than usual baccarat games but it is really worth it. Small features of Mini Baccarat are really noticeable and they really do improve a game by a lot. We highly recommend at least trying this game once in your lifetime.