Pinball Roulette Review

General overview

Most of the nowadays roulette games have their core mechanics built around a European roulette style. So, naturally, most of them have similar features like betting options and gameplay. Fortunately, there are some innovative games that twist that standard cliché of the roulette games. Great example of that game is Pinball Roulette by Ash Gaming – a game that every online gambling casino enthusiast should tryout. If you find yourself in the doubt should you or shouldn’t play this amazing game, we highly recommend reading the next article about it. We will cover all important aspects of the game, including RTP, mechanics, gameplay, as well as technical features of it. We have tried it, we have tested it, and we surely are amazed by it.


When you first launch the game, you will be presented with a roulette table. As mentioned before, this title is standard European format, featuring only one green zero. Some of the standard inside and outside bets are available, including neighbor bets so only thing you need to do is place your respective wagers. Now the unique and most fun part of the game starts here. When you start the roll part of the game you will be transferred to another screen featuring the pinball machine on it. The ball is automatically set off towards a field full of bumpers and pins and will eventually land in the designated random number pocket. Managing to win you will be prompted to either collect your winnings and go back to the roulette table, or gamble them on a different pinball machine. Now, this particular pinball machine has quite few bumpers in it. Managing to hit some or one of them will grant you the designated bonus. Tricky part starts when you must hit the middle of the screen to win that particular bonus reward. As in standard pinball machine, if ball falls off, you will lose.

Design, Turbo Mod and RTP

Pinball Roulette also comes with bundle of great features like: stunning graphics and animations as well as the unique audio style of the pinball machine. Options available in the game are amazing too. You can turn sounds off and on, mess around with the graphics and change the dealers voice. The game also features Turbo mod. Turning this mod on will make the game go as fast as 3x. RTP of Pinball Roulette is 97.30% which is more than enough of every kind of player to enjoy it in its full glory.

Final Words

Watching the pinball machine will surely bring back some of the best childhood memories and when this is followed up by real pinball machine sounds, things can go emotional. Gambling feature of this game only increase its quality. This game is surely something different, and we really do love it. With a generous RTP, high-quality gameplay and best design there is, this game is our top recommendation.