Punto Banco Baccarat Review

General overview

Punto Banco Baccarat game or better known as North American Baccarat is one of the most popular online baccarat game variations online. It is wildly popular among baccarat game loves since it has significantly lower house edge then other games from that genre. It features wonderful design combined with unique stylish sound effects and has payouts that are not that much different from other online baccarat games that run in popular online casinos.

General idea of Punto Banco Baccarat game is simple: you are playing a guessing game of who has higher total, player or a banker.


When game is first loaded up, you will notice classic baccarat green table and stylish lucrative graphics. In the center of the screen you can see games logo and all of the card will be placed just right underneath it. Right hand side of the screen is saved for the card that are being dealt while left side of the screen will show up ranges of possible bets. When moving toward bottom of the screen, you will notice labels ‘Tie’ ‘Banco’ and ‘Punto’ – these represent the types of directions that you believe the cards will go in. Winning a Tie gamble will result in rewards in scale 9 for 1.

Player is also available to select and customize its respectable wagers and this can be done by changing the chips between minimum of €1 and the maximum amount of €50. If player wishes to cancel current bet, he can do that by selecting grey chip crossed with X sign. Punto Banco game also have few more customizable options like sound, graphics, etc.


The game starts when player select his decided wagers and place chips in some of three mentioned betting options (field). After that, pressing the ‘Deal’ button will start the game. Starting the game will dish out two cards to the ‘Punto’ side of the screen as well as two more to the ‘Banco’ side. Then, all of the cards are then totaled up and compared with one another.

All of the 10s and face cards have zero-point value, and if the total of lower cards increases past 10, then value is considered as total. Now, depending of value of first two cards (if they are between 0 and 5) the third card will be dealt accordingly. That one is considered as a tie brakes and decides will banker get third card or not. ‘Tie’ gamble will grant you pay of 9 for 1. Any other correct wager placed on either the ‘Banco’ or ‘Punto’ sections will see a pay out of 2 for 1. It is important to mention that a 5% commission is also deducted on all banco wins.

Final Words

Puno Banco baccarat game is really awesome. It has a perfect little twist compared to standard baccarat game making it highly craved choice of baccarat game variation.