Vegas Craps Review

General overview

Few years back Microgaming has decided to expand their family of games that endeavors to simulate the real-life experience of playing craps with Vegas Craps Game. This particular game could be found in most real-life casinos in a Las Vegas casino. The game itself can be quite confusing and hard to understand, but once you get a good grip of it, it will provide you with hours of endless entertainment and memorable fun. The game itself features numerous bet controls available through the “Game Options” panel, like: bets can be cleared, re-done, or whatever is necessary to alter the respectable wagers.

Bets and Features

Microgaming Vegas Craps is played on a layout which consist of a number of different bets such as “Straight” bets (you place a wager on a number that represents the numerical value of a dice combination). Apart from that, there are also some bets as “Field” bets, “Pass Line” bets, “Don’t Pass” bets, “Come” bets, “Any Craps” bets, “Hardway” bets and few more.

Basically, you can place bets on anything that is available on the layout, and that does not exclude side bets. After that, the dices are rolled by a dealer and when they and, rewards are dealt accordingly.
Microgaming has been known to built-in some cool features in their games. In this case, this is a ‘Help’ button that will allow players to keep track of the number and results of their rolls, as well as few more sophisticated statistics for pro players. Betting options are amazing in Vegas Craps and are in full control of the player which is really nice. Apart from bet control, player can mess with some other features like graphics, sounds, dealers voice etc.

Final Words

When we talk about good features this game has it is hard not to mention the betting options it provides to any player. It can be played for a few penny’s as well as higher bets that attract high rollers. Statistics provided along with smooth and fun gameplay make this game top choice for every craps lover. The only mind downside to the game is that it can be complicated to a newcomer, especially if they don’t understand the basic craps rules. Never the less, this is another Microgamings amazing craps game with cool title that we surely do recommend to anyone who are up for a good craps game.