Vegas Downtown Blackjack Game Review

General Game Info

Blackjack games in online gambling world are highly popular mostly because player can have great influence on general outcome of the game itself. Some more than other, but blackjack games can be quite generous to a player. When it comes to Vegas Downtown variation of blackjack game, it tops all others in that particular field since is highly favorable to a player himself.


Vegas Downtown follow the same basic blackjack game rules with only a few minor variations. General mechanics of the game remains the same making it highly preferable choice that anyone can try. Main goal of the game is of course to get as close as to 21 as you can (without busting). Game is played against the dealer who also has cards of his own. To win a normal payout of 1:1, player need to be closer to 21.
All of the face (picture) cards have value of 10 while Aces have value of either 1 or 11 resulting in total cards count. Managing to get natural blackjack will result in standard 3:2 payout and the player have a standard option available: ask for new card, pass the action, split or double. Now, split or double options in Vegas Downtown blackjack game are quite specific since they do have a unique variation.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack Variation

We are all aware that traditional blackjack is played with six to eight decks dealt out from the shoe. However, Vegas downtown blackjack is played with only two full decks of cards. In some online casinos you will encounter games where the decks are only shuffled after two thirds or even more cards have been dealt out. This provides an amazing opportunity for a player to count cards. The main difference in this game variation is that dealer is able to check all of his cards for natural blackjack and if he finds one, round is over. So, you will always know that the dealer does not have 21 if he is showing an Ace or a Ten and he continues to play. Some of the difference Vegas Downtown Blackjack rules are:
  • Dealer is obligated to hit soft 17
  • Player can split two cards of any kind and will be able to use this option three times.
  • Doubling after splits. Doubling any of two cards.
  • After splitting aces or tens blackjack only counts as 21 and is paying 1:1

Vegas Downtown Tips

While deep-in strategy of this game type may require an entire book to be well-explained there are few tips that every player should always look after:
  • Standing 17 or better is highly preferable
  • Splitting pair of tens is not advisable
  • Splitting Aces is highly advisable
  • Insurance is something you should always avoid


Basic card count skills can be quite favorable for player with this game variation since the game itself is designed that way. Also, if you crave for that action this particular game may not be the best choice for you since you can only play one seat/bet at the time making this a minor downside of the game. Good strategy will high attention can lead into this game paying out generous amounts so we highly considering trying it out especially if you know your blackjack.