Vegas Technology Keno Review

General overview

When it comes to wildly-popular online casino games, keno takes the top place no doubt about that. It wildly popular onlline casino game. Vegas keno, same as any other display matrix of 8×10 with numbers going to 80. When players select their desired number on spots, the payouts will appear on the left side of the screen. Then the payouts for each hit will be displayed. Right hand side of that screen is reserved for the bet amount and win amount displays while on the left is the indicator for the total games played and the status of the current session. All of the other usual buttons like bet buttons, help and similar are displayed at the center bottom of the screen. Special effects are also one of the most amazing features of Vegas Technology keno games thus making it highly desirable to general keno lovers public.


Selecting number (with a click) will target that player number as his preferable choice. Maximum number selected is 15 and all of the players wagers can be altered with standard betting arrows. All of the ticket can be played for 5, 10 or 15 times.
When the game starts the 20 number spots will be selected on the screen. All of the spots that were not selected by the player will turn out red and selected ones will be in combination of yellow and green color. After the payout tables are don’t, respectable payouts are made accordingly to all players. To make things even more interesting this is all followed by the great looking animation.
After each round, player can re-click the start button to play same round (same wager and spot picks) or go for Clear button which will reset all previous options. ‘Rebet’ button will undo cleared bets and wagers.
As in all Vegas Technology games, there is a ‘Help’ button included which will provide the player with all necessary information’s about the game, game statistics, round statistics and general tip which is really generous.