Zodiac Scratch Card Review

General overview

In today modern word, almost every person in the world is aware of its zodiac sign. It can be Aquarius, Leo, Gemini or Libra but to be honest it doesn’t really matter since they usually provide us with a fortune. On the other hand, Zodiac sign scratch card game does and if you are a fan of astrology this is a fortune game for you.

This NetEnt game is quite appealing and you will enjoy simple, realistic and vivid graphics and many features that are added in the game. As a gamer, you will enjoy a smooth gameplay combined with memorable entertainment that will always make you scratch at least another one of those.


As we know, there are 12 zodiac signs and NetEnt has decided to place all of them into the game with unique design. To be honest, when we loaded the game we expected a bit different background and general design but it has something even better – a beautiful blue dominated theme. At the bottom of the screen you will be presented with 6 zodiac signs that you can choose from. Selected zodiac sign will be placed at the top of the ticket and then you will have option to buy cards.
This particular scratch card game also has few minor features added to it like: turning sound effects on or off, altering some basic graphics and reading game basic rules.
After selecting the zodiac sign player can click ‘Buy Ticket’ option. Each ticket costs a set wager total of €1.50. After buying a ticket you need to click on the five smaller circles underneath the large one (zodiac sign). Revealing symbols is quite fun part of the game and if you manage two match two identical symbols, you will be granted reward accordingly. Of course, the more preferable zodiac signs you match, the more payout you will win.

Final Words

Zodiac scratch card game is quite different than most of game from that particular genre. However, that does not make it any less fun. Just in contrary, the theme and ability to win up to €250.000 make this particular scratch card game quite appealing to general public.