Bongo’s Bingo

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Whenever someone hears about Bingo the first association is probably the picture of big dull halls full of pensioners sitting at the tables with their tickets and dab pens patiently and carefully waiting for the numbers to be announced. It all seems a bit boring, right? Well, what if we tell you that with Bongo’s Bingo you will have the time of your life? Quite unlikely you’d most likely say. But that’s only because you’ve probably never heard of it before. Once you see what Bongo’s Bingo has to offer, you’ll change your mind about bingo entirely, that’s for sure.

Forget all about that boring staff as Bongo’s Bingo brings a brand new level of fun and a brand new way of playing bingo. The guy standing behind this creation is Johny Bongo (last name Lacey) who together with his friend Joshua Burke came up with the idea of mixing classic bingo together with rave, dance-offs, party, and a lot more. Quite a strange mixture, right? But it works so well you wouldn’t believe. Ever since the whole concept came to life in 2015 it took over the whole UK and today they host their bingo party all over the globe in more than 40 locations. Some of them include Australia, Dubai, Ibiza, and France. But the Brits are the luckiest ones since Bongo’s Bingo travels all around the country bringing this bonkers bingo party directly to their cities.

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Bongo’s Bingo – The Insane Bingo Experience

bongos bingo free online

Bongo’s Bingo brings a whole new and crazy twist to the classic game of bingo. The standard Bongo’s Bingo night include insane dancing intervals, a lot of laughs and jokes, classic cheesy pop music as well as some crazy guilty pleasures, and all that mixed up with bingo. The whole atmosphere at Bongo’s Bingo resembles that of a night at the club, but don’t fool yourselves, it is still a bingo night but at a whole different level.

The Bongo’s Bingo halls are nothing like the regular bingo places. First of all, the room is filled with big rows of tables and benches all facing a large stage from where the host and his two sidekicks lead the whole show. Then, once the night starts, the lights go down and the party may begin. Of course, what is the night of bingo without booze? There are bars where you can get your drinks at reasonable prices. Now, before the bingo game begins, there is a full 15-minute dancing interval where the guests are encouraged (if not even obliged) to hop on and dance on the benches. You’ll get to dance to some classic pop songs as well as some insane picks which only boost the whole atmosphere up. High School Musical songs, Dancing Queen, Mambo No. 5, Cotton-Eye-Joe, All I Want For Christmas Is You, and many other hits are on the Bongo’s playlist. While you’re dancing your night out, there on the stage are the host, usually Johny Bongo himself, and his two glamorous little helpers Sweaty Betty and Peggy (two guys dressed up in dresses). They are there to keep the atmosphere up and entertain you along the way with all kinds of jokes and whatnot.

After the raving intro, the bingo will start after a short explanation of the rules by the hosts. And the rules are those of a traditional bingo where the numbers are announced and you get to mark them on your tickets. Of course, once you enter the venue, you are given a bingo book and a pen. Now, the game consists of several (up to 7) rounds where the aim is to get a full horizontal line, two lines, and a full house. Be the first one to get those, shout ‘BINGO’ and you are the winner of a prize. But be careful with your numbers as if you happen to falsely claim the bingo (either by accident having misheard the numbers or on purpose), the whole crowd will jeer as well as the hosts calling you out a d**khead or some other term of affection. But it’s all in the name of good fun.

Also, don’t think that while the actual bingo is played that it gets boring because it definitely doesn’t. The entertainment last throughout the whole game. There are many inside jokes so when particular numbers come out, related songs will blast out and everyone would start dancing. For example, each time number 17 comes out, Dancing Queen by Abba will take over the hall. There are all sorts of puns related to numbers and many jokes so each and every second, the fun is guaranteed as this is the craziest bingo party. Keep in mind that whenever two guests claim bingo at the same time, they will have to fight for the prize. And when we say fight we actually mean the dance-off. Yes, those two people will come up on the stage and show their best moves or the worst (whatever will get them to the prize) in front of the whole crowd that will then proclaim the winner. In between the rounds, there are several dance breaks where the crowd get to enjoy some more hits and bench dancing.

Bongo’s Bingo Liverpool And Raving All Around the UK 

If you are from Britain then you are the lucky one as Bingo’s Bongo will come directly to your city or at least somewhere near you. Bongo’s Bingo has gigs all over the UK in the cities such as Birmingham, Blackpool, Dundee, Leeds, London, Manchester, New Castle, Leicester, and more. Since Liverpool is the place where all the Bongo’s Bingo magic originated, it is where these insane bingo events are today held regularly. It started off with small gigs that have quickly escalated to big party nights with people waiting in big lines to get into Camp and Furnace and get their piece of the craziest bingo nights. From events at Camp and Furnace venue only, Bongo’s Bingo managed to win over the whole city and later on the whole country. Now, you can enjoy the raving bingo party almost every weekend in Liverpool with regular special nights such as Halloween fright parties, Students Specials, and much more. Depending on the occasion, you can expect a lot of crazy surprises and even crazies awards. Newcastle and Edinburgh are also among the cities where you can be a part of the crazy Bongo’s Bingo story. Anyhow, the Bongo’s crew travels all around the country and if you hear that they’re visiting your place, make sure to get your tickets on time and we assure you that you’ll have the best clubbing/bingo experience ever. 

What Are The Prizes In Bongo’s Bingo?

Well, the prizes at Bongo’s Bingo are just special and spectacular. There is a wide range of prizes for the winners starting from booze (gin, tequila, Jägermeister, etc.) up to the real cash. But in between those there’s a vast of other ridiculous ones that strangely enough (or not) excites the crowd the most. The prizes include boxes of Coco Pops, a Henry Hoover, different kinds of big-sized stuffed animals (and almost at all events there is a big pink unicorn which is probably the fav thing), cardboard cut-out of Justin Bieber or Phillip Schofield and other celebrities, a rocking horse, a space hopper, and many others, as well as some a bit risque prizes which we won’t mention here. Also, whenever a winner gets a box of Coco Pops, they have to decide whether to keep it or shower the crowd with it as if it were confetti. And you may assume what is more likely to happen every time. Anyhow, apart from these insane prizes, there are also cash prizes usually up to £1000 depending on the occasion. On some occasions, the winners even got holiday trips to the Caribbean and Ibiza, fancy cars, and similar. So you can expect all sorts of awards at Bongo’s Bingo but the ones which the crowd starve for the most are the ridiculous ones. And we get it, who wouldn’t want a cardboard cut-out of The Rock or a pink unicorn?

Bingo’s Bongo As The Greatest Experience

Bongo’s Bingo delivers the insane mixture of bingo and immersive party. They are able to create memorable moments and their ‘parties’ will be something you won’t forget. Attend their events and you are in for some dance-offs, rave dancing intervals, the ‘80s and ‘90s classics, cheesy ballads, inappropriate jokes, and a lot more. Prepare for some insane and ridiculous prizes. Get on those numbers and maybe you will bring home a big stuffed animal, pinata, or even a cash prize. All in all, Bongo’s Bingo will provide a unique bingo experience like no other. The tickets for their venues are usually around £10 and can go up or down depending on the event. Anyhow, if you are interested in the event, make sure to get your tickets on time, as these sell out incredibly quickly, and it’s no wonder why. Bongo’s Bingo crew travels all around the UK as well as other countries and are definitely winning over the world with their unique bingo with the insane twist. As they say themselves ‘It’s Bingo, but not as you know it’.