Atomic Fruit Slots Game Review 

Atomic Fruit Slots Game Review

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General overview 

Have you ever been so eager to play unique looking slot game? If so, the Atomic Fruit (Microgaming slots) is something that will surely please your needs. Despite not actually resembling a normal stereotypical slot, the game does in fact have four reels and ten active paylines. At first glance, it looks just like a cluster of fruits, but there is an organized system in there. The betting range starts as low as 0.01 coin and reaches up to a maximum of 50.00 per spin so that is covered. 

Game Symbols 

When you start the game up, you will notice bright and colorful graphics and some of the symbols like: Bells, Cherries, Grapes, Watermelons, Triple Bars, Lemons, Blue 7’s and a crazy looking Atomic Fruit. The information about the paytable, number of lines you have selected, play button and other clickable buttons are all located to the left of the screen. This is something that you will want to study a bit before heading into the game. Normally slots have them situated beneath the reels, not so with this weird slot, but interesting nonetheless.  



The general game gameplay is actually trivial once you get a hang of it. There are three different colored spheres on the reels. Inside these spheres are where the symbols are. During the game, instead of the reels spinning normally, the symbols act differently by spinning like atoms around each other. 


Final Words 

Unfortunately, it is true that this slot doesn’t feature bonus rounds, wild and scatter symbols nor the free spins. However, it is so different to ‘ordinary’ slots that it should keep players quite entertained purely because of its uniqueness. Once you start it, you will see what are we talking about.  
This is a casual game but with a twist. If you spend the couple of minutes playing on this new edition online slot, you will get hooked foreverWhy? It is highly alluring; it pays very good and it is always fun to watch fruits matching around.