Banana Monkey Slot Machine Review

Banana Monkey Slot Overview

Banana Monkey Slot game is something to look after since its designed to keep you playing, so if you are one of those players that likes to drop their money into a number of different slot games then this probably isn’t for you. On the other end, if you don’t play it, you are missing a lot.

However, player should keep in mind that this game really has  a lot to offer. It has bundle of amazing features to it, so we recommend trying it out, thats for sure.

In most computer or mobile casino games you can find this slot with bundle of generous free no deposit offers, so keep that in mind – why miss a free thing or a two.

Banana Money Slot Game

Graphics & Gameplay

What I loved about the game are clear reel images, that are designed beautifully. Hard to get to – bonus round, is innovative. The way that the Free Spins are awarded is something that we haven’t really seen in an online slot before.

It starts with you using the buttons at the bottom of the screen to select your line bet and number of lines to play with. Since this game is 20 line slot game you’d be best off playing all the lines – there is nothing more annoying than seeing a big win spin in on a win line that you aren’t playing!

Once you have set your line bet then it’s time to start. As with all online slot games the idea is to match reel symbols on the reels from reel 1 through to reel 5. you will win. You can then win 3x -2500x your line bet depending on which symbols you match. These payouts seem to have been condensed to allow more wins.

Wild symbols

That’s all nice but matching the symbols on the reels only makes up a small part of what Banana Monkey is all about. Firstly, game is packed with wild symbols. This is always a good thing, and when they are stacked, like its situation here, it’s even better. Stacking wilds awards multiple line wins – they substitute for all the other normal reel symbols. That’s how you generate a big win.

Progressive bonus round and Free spins round

Reel symbol to look out for is the Monkey. When you manage to spin him on reels 1,3 and 5 then you will trigger the Progressive Bonus round.

The bonus round in Banana Monkey is skill based. You’ll be taken to a new screen that has three banana trees. Using your left and right arrow buttons on your keyboard, simply move the monkey through the trees to collect all the bananas. There are 25 bananas to collect, and if you get them all then you will win a healthy 40x your line bet.

Missed bananas are added to a pot. Until you trigger a bonus round, these will be kept there. Collecting all 25 bananas this time, then the bananas that you missed the previous time and that are stored in the separate pot are also added to your win, meaning more money. Collecting all bananas require a little bit of basic gaming experience and motoric skills. However, it’s a lovely and unique feature.

The other reel symbol to look out for is the Bunch of Bananas. Not often symbol, but when you catch it will help you trigger the Free Spin round.

When the banana symbol appears, Banana Monkey will shake the symbol and up to 4 bananas will fall into the basket at the reel bottom. Collecting 4 bananas – Free Spins will start. Fantastic feature added to this is that all bananas are saved after round is completed.

Once you get the 4 bananas in a basket then you start the Free Spins. You get 8 Free Spins, and each will pay out at 3x your line bet. You cannot retrigger these Free Spins but remember: you are building up the bananas in the baskets at the bottom of each reel.

To sum it up, this game is amazing one with vast of beautiful content and memorably fantastic graphics. But remember, as every other good video slot, this game needs time invested in it to get it to give up its secrets.