Mega Jackpots Monopoly Slot Guide

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Brief history of Monopoly slots in general

History of Monopoly board game is quite a story itself. It was officially released in 1904 as wide product under the name of The Landlord’s Game. The designer of game, Lizzie Magie, in few written interviews stated that, apart from having in mind to make fun and exciting board game, she wanted to demonstrate the way USA economy was going. Board game, on its journey to becoming great went over many obstacles like: branding, re-designing, as well as harsh critiques.

The history of monopoly slot games is far less complicated. So, basically, couple of well-known gambling software providers contacted Monopoly rights holder and bought them. It was in early 2000’s when the general idea for this was born. However, it wasn’t until late 2002 or so when some of the first Monopoly slots were released. They immediately caught the eye of greater public then expected.

Why is Mega Jackpots Monopoly so good?

Well, its hard not to be when you are combination of well know board game and most played video slot games in the world. After the first designs went live in 2002, monopoly slots popularity raised to crazy high limits. So, today, we can see some of the greater examples of monopoly slots like Monopoly Bring the House down video slot or this one – Mega Jackpots Monopoly slot.

Slots Interface, Options & Gambling Routine

As soon as you start the game up, you will notice that this particular slot has some kind of modern and somewhat strange design to it. The general slots interface is quite vivid and text included as well as font is very readable. However, there seems to be number of options in main screen as well as ones in bonus and gamble games.

At very bottom of this slot you will notice a line with couple of options like:

-Gamble button – This button will allow player to gamble any wins they receive in slot game. If you choose to go with gamble scenario you will be prompted to pick between red and black cards from deck. The general idea is to guess which one is going to appear next as value A. Guessing right will double your wins while guessing wrong will make your win disappear. This is classic gamble feature of slot machines.

-As you start winning and winning at this slot, you will notice option inside gamble game, called ‘Take Half’. What this one does is take half of your wins and gamble them while keeping the other half. This one is for playing it smart.

-At far bottom of video slot, you will notice bar that states your current wager and lines played. You can increase these values with <> option. Apart from that, game has Bet Max and Spin option.


Crucial Betting Lines in Monopoly slots

Ok, we mentioned this couple of times in other popular Monopoly slots we reviewed but we will say it again: The Monopoly slots are all about playing it with higher wagers and catching big standard payouts. As this game has 9 paylines with maximum of 5 credits, you should be able to pay at least all the lines.

Standard rules of video slots apply that only highest winner paid on each line and there is only one award per payline.

On the other hand, why is it so crucial to play this slot at higher wagers?

Playing it with both maximum number of lines and credit leaves you available to win Jackpot, Win Spin bonus game and other hefty awards. For example, you must play 5 credits bet on each line with all lines covered to be eligible for Jackpot. Same goes for Win Spin feature. Now, we can’t stress enough how important it is to get to bonus game. Its as fun as it put on the table.

Mega Jackpot – Win it Big!

As mentioned, Jackpot will be available to win only for those who play 5 credits and all lines wager. Also, you must match 5 Mega Jackpot symbols on payline.  At the top of slot you will see huge sign with jackpot value on it. This jackpot is accumulated thought-out the game and can grow as big as 2 million dollars. Yup! What is really good about this jackpot that it doesn’t loose its value once player stop playing it. It just keeps on adding until someone wins it! So, you can casually walk to the slot and win a million dollars. Now if that is something not worth playing it on higher wager, then I don’t know what is.

Mega Jackpots Video Slot Bonus Games

We are all aware that good video slot comes with good bonus game. WMS Gaming didn’t go far to make unique bonus game but they sure did make a superb one. Managing to match three Chance Bonus symbols will trigger you Win Spin Bonus Feature.

You will notice the bonus game is starting when you are prompted to pick between three cards on the screen. Value of card will determine number of free spins added. Once the free spins start, Monopoly guy himself will help you with slot machine handle. The spins are automatic and quite generous. The general idea of this bonus game is to get any type of matching symbols on the reels. Why? Because every time you win, you get additional free spin. If seven spins pass and you don’t get any win combinations (which is highly unlikely), you will trigger Lucky 7 bonus game.

Lucky 7 Bonus Game

Here is the irony and cuteness in this bonus game. So, if you don’t win anything for 7 spins in free spin bonus round, you will be punished with extra free spins and get 10x your wager. Now this is silly and good. If you manage to get here and you do have quite number of free spins left, you are in for big buck!

Pass Go Bonus Game

In addition, in Win Spin bonus game, you are eligible to win something called Pass Go Bonus. This bonus can be won with three bonus dice symbols matching. Once you trigger this bonus the real fun and payouts start! You throw a dice to determine value of fields you will move on Monopoly boards. Each and every board game field brings lucrative prizes. So you can get something like extra free spins, 2, 3 or 10x your wager. Some of the more noticeable fields on board are:

-Parking space – this will award you generous random award

-GO field – Every time you pass this field you will get 2x, 3x multiplier.

-Jail field – This field of Monopoly board game has most lucrative awards in form of bonus multipliers. You roll the dices in search for same pair of values. Once you match those, you are in for quite generous multipliers.

Final Words & Opinions

Mega Jackpots Monopoly Slot is quite fancy slot we must give it that! The best advice we can give you about it is to not play it for money you can’t afford to loose. On the other hand, the Monopoly slots will payout very good on smaller wagers or like penny machine. However, the real game does begin once you play maximum coins and lines. The bonus games, gamble option, free spins and most importantly jackpot that can change your life forever – this video slot has it all.