Monopoly Dream Life Slot Machine Review

Monopoly Dream Life Slot Machine Review

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Dreaming of Monopoly slots

Right from they first started to crawl against gambling industry walls, back in 2002, the Monopoly slots always leaved the same, positive, impression upon players.  If you are to talk with any player who stumbled upon first versions of monopoly slots in 2003-2004 he would say that they were absolute hit in online casinos world! However, games mostly did come in downloadable version back then. So, we guess now is even better. Monopoly slot games did improved and built their respectable name. We can play them online too.

If you searched for dream-life monopoly slot that has awesome gameplay with smooth and frequent payouts, search no further.  Game also features bonuses like Wild Cash bags, free spins, mega frequent payouts (huge RTP) as well as Dream Life Bonus.

Symbols and their values

Ok so basically, you will stumble across many monopoly-themed symbols – which is really great. More standard symbols like monopoly hat and dog are here to set the mood of the game. You may also come across symbols like: boat, Mr Monopoly sailing the boat, driving the car and walking down the red carpet. Now all of these symbols do come with generous features that we all love. Having this many bonus symbols as well as combining them with standard Monopoly quick RTP on regular payouts is must do! Real moneymaker!

-Monopoly Hat Symbol – 80 coins in matching

-Boat and Dog Symbols – up to 100 coins in matching

-Monopoly Guy on the Boat symbol – up to 300 coins rewards

-Monopoly Guy in the racing car symbol – up to generous 500 coins reward

-Monopoly Guy in casino symbol – 1.000 coins reward

-Red Carpet Monopoly Guy symbol – AMAZING 5.000 COINS REWARD!

I guess by now you guess that this slot is true money maker.

It can be played quite well with both wagers and with higher ones.

General Slot Design

So we all do know that software companies like WGT and SG do care about Monopoly slots looking brilliant and perfect. So is the case with this one here. Monopoly Dream Life Slot action is set on turnaround corner of Monopoly bard game maps. It shows few popular fields on Monopoly board game. Drawings are perfect. Cartoonish enough to be super cute and vivid but with extra sharp edges so everything is realistic and clear to be spotted.

Animations in Monopoly slot are also top-notch. Absolutely perfect we say! Every game symbol and matching have its own animation and sound effects. The games main sound theme is also quite melodic and goes well with a game. True Monopoly games feel in video slot game – best combination.

During the Free Spins Bonus the background goes a bit darker, representing the night life on Monopoly board. It is quite unique idea to bring flashing light and billboards in effect during night scene of free spins. Everything here is drawn with unique perfection and it enchases the game very much.

Wild Cash Bags Incoming!

As game progress, you may notice that there are certain Wild Cash Bags symbol appearing. This one is games bonus symbol. Apart from being here to replace other game symbol, it also triggers the free spins bonus game if you match three or more of them. So, once and when you do achieve bonus game you will be asked to pick few Monopoly cards. They will determine value of incoming free spins.

Cascading symbols feature in Wild Cash Bags Bonus

Free spins here are quite regular actually. They are followed by quite stunning animation and effects in general, which is nice. Apart from that, the most important trick about bonus game is the cascading symbols feature. Cascading feature here is quite simple: literally all winning symbols are replaced with cascading ones. They remain there and create addition combinations. All of above mentioned symbols in slot are available during spins too so you wont miss gigantic slot payouts.

How to win big at this Monopoly slot

After thinking and analyzing the game for some time now, we came across number of ways to achieve frequent payouts at it. If you look at picture above, you will see both paylines available and symbols included in game. With that knowledge we advise you to set decent wagers and start hitting GO button. If you feel like you are loosing too much you can decrease wager since game is quite affordable. We suggest playing as much lines as you can and wait for any Monopoly guy symbol match. They all pay so well and you can accumulate quite large amounts of credit that way. Once you get some credit, do increase wager and fish for Wild Cash Bags Bonus Game because it can be real money-maker.

Start it & enjoy it!

Winning it big at Monopoly Dream Life Slot Machine really isn’t that hard. As we know, all Monopoly slot pay very well at regular basis and with standard matching symbols. So, no matter if you are having features like mega jackpot included in game (Mega Jackpots Monopoly Slot) or free spins with enhanced standard payouts, you surely won’t miss earning a buck or two. Apart from that, game has really stunning design and general effects so you won’t miss fun while playing it.