Reel King Slot Machine Review

Reel King Slot Overview

Reel King Slot Machine


Slot machines are a rare beast. In no other form of gambling, or even gaming for that matter, will you ever be confronted with so much variation in both style of play, appearance, format, goal, and process. There are hundreds of different slot machine games out there. No longer held in by the constraint of having to be physically constructed and placed in a casino, the variation of slot machines has only increased with online play. If you are looking for different type of game, be sure to check out our list of casino games.


Reel King Slot Machine

From the comfort of your own home computer, you can play the best slot machine games in less time than it takes to blink an eye. 

So, what is the best slot machine game to play? Good question! We work to answer that by reviewing one slot machine game at a time. In particular, let’s take a moment to see if the Reel King Slot Machine game made by none other than Novomatic, (the same company that blessed us with the world famous Book Of Ra slot machine) is the right slot machine game for you.

Reel King Slot Machine

Want a classic slot machine experience that starts simple but has a lot of depth to it? If so, than Reel King Slot Machine is the game for you. Reel King Slot Machine is made by Novomatic, a company well known in slots. Having been in operation since 1980, Novomatic knows its way around creating interesting, engaging, and fun slot machine games. What helps to set a Novomatic game like Reel King Slot Machine apart from the competition is the upfront simplistic design that offers a whole lot more once you get started and best no deposit bonus.

Begin the game and experience the classic look and feel of a reel slot machine. You get 5-reels to play around with and 20 paylines. What helps to add to the experience are a lot of Reel symbols that keep things exciting, flashy, and colorful. Visually, the game can only be considered basic when compared to a lot of the ultra-flashy slot machines that are currently out. For its time, it was more than extravagantly decorated. Now it is considered refined, classic, and fun.

Bonuses & Special Features

Novomatic is known for their large jackpots and Reel King Slot Machine is no different. With a prospect of a 250,000-credit jackpot, every spin carries with it the potential for a truly incredible gaming moment. It also keeps growing in size until a single lucky player manages to become the ‘king pot’ winner.


Reel King Slot Machine is positively reviewed with an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. The reason for this rating has less to do with its failings, and more to do with the fact that many people playing slots are looking for something new and exciting. Be aware that Reel King Slot Machine is not this. Reel King Slot Machine is a classic, simple, and aesthetically pleasing game that delivers the experience of playing slots, just like Sizzling Hot, another classic made by the great Novomatic company. However, many other slot games, especially those that are top of the line when it comes to aesthetics, will beat it out visually.

Still, Reel King Slot Machine has a lot to offer. In particular, if you like the classic approach, then you are in luck. In addition, if you are new to machine slots, then Reel King Slot Machine is a great place to get a feel for the basic mechanics. From here, you will have a good idea of what you may want or not want out of future slot machine games.

While Reel King Slot Machine may not be known as a flashy or on the forefront of innovation, it still provides an experience worth having. Consider checking out for yourself if you are interested and see whether or not it is right for you. More likely than not, you will know for sure after playing for only a few minutes.