Slot Century Slot Review

Slot Century Slot

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General overview 

Slot Century is a fun, action-packed little slot has a lot more to it than first meets the eye. What we really loved about this slot casino game is that is very bright and colorful and has all the traditional symbols that you can commonly associate with slot machines the world over.  This Classic themed slot (with a twist) has five reels and five paylines. It is made and developed by casino games developers DRAGONFISH SOFTWARE, who have now developed more than their fair share of free deposit online slots. The game includes the jackpot prize of a very generous 10,000 coins. Quite a hefty payout –even by Dragonfish standards.  



You will notice typical symbols on the reels such as Plums, Oranges, Lemons, Cherries, Leaves, Horseshoes, Liberty Bells, and the top paying Diamonds. Apart from standard symbols which are really stunning, the game also has beautiful silvery background that goes well with symbols and a general game layout. 

The game also comes with wild symbol represented in a form of wild reel. This magic little symbol has the power to substitute with all other symbols except for the scatter symbol – classic slot machine symbol. 

Scatter symbols do have their own little feature of multiplying the winnings. So, when you match scatters you will multiply your winning combination by the initial trigger stake that spun these symbols in. 

Fortune Fairground Bonus Feature 

To be completely honest, nowadays we all look for a better slot with hefty fun and generous bonus round. This game has a carnival wheel symbol which will trigger the FORTUNE FAIRGROUND BONUS FEATURE triggers. This is quite a basic and simple bonus round. You will be given a maximum of three spins of the carnival wheel to win extra bonus cash prizes.  

Final Words 

If we are to say something about this slot to summarize things up, we can say one thing for sure: it’s a no risk slot. Sensible wagers, great payouts, stunning graphics, fun bonus round. The classic package of everything required.