Spinata Grande Slot Machine Review

Spinata Grande Slot Overview

Spinata Grande Slot Machine

Offering forty pay lines and five reels, the Spinata Grande slot machine is definitely a good opportunity for beginning players. However, NetEnt prides itself on being able to create video slots that just about anyone can enjoy. They succeed more often than not, so the question here is whether or not they are successful again. Taking you to the scorching hot deserts of Mexico, the game is going to give you some bright images and engaging sounds to play around with. 

Spinata Grande Slot Game

And as middle of the road titles go, the Spinata Grande slot machine gets more right than otherwise. There are a variety of unique symbols that you will want to be on the lookout for. There are also some unique features to this game that you will want to keep in mind.

Reviewing Spinata Grande Slot Machine

The mini-slot feature is perhaps the most engaging element to this game. Not only can this feature introduce you to a massively useful 3×3 reel position wild symbol, but it can generate free spins on a variety of different levels. This is one of the most unique features to a video slot game that you have ever come across. It doesn’t detract from the heart and soul of any worthwhile slot machine game. What it actually does is contribute to the overall enjoyment of the Spinata Grande slot machine in a meaningful way. 

And how does the rest of the game measure up? Without the mini-slot feature, we pretty much come back to the middle of the road vibe that we were talking about earlier. The visuals and sounds are exceptional, but in a number of regards, this game can strike experienced players as a little ordinary. On the other hand, the mini-slot feature might be more than enough to keep you playing along. It really depends on your perspective.

But one thing is for certain: This game is worth trying at least once. What happens beyond that point is entirely up to you.


Is Spinata Grande Worth Playing?

The Colossal Bonus symbol is the one you will want to look out for. This symbol is going to be responsible for giving you the mini-slot feature, so it is obviously pretty important. You will also want to keep in mind that you can retrigger the Spinata Grande slot machine mini-slot feature throughout the game. There are definitely some major opportunities to come out a winner with this game. By the same token, the game gives you the ability to start gradually and build slowly.

In the end, this is an interesting game. It has some great features, but some may find the overall game to be a little lacking. You really won’t know for certain how you feel, until you take the game for a spin. The most likely outcome of doing that is that you are going to leave the experience a fan. This game has been out for a little while at this point, and it has already amassed a pretty strong following. You can discover for yourself whether or not you are going to be one of those who believe the Spinata Grande slot machine to be one of the most enjoyable video slots on the market and if you don’t like it, you can always play some other free casino slot games for fun. This game may not grab you at first glance, but try it out anyway.