Wolf Run Slot Machine Review

Wolf Run Slot Overview

Wolf Run slot

Wolf Run is incredibly popular slot machine in real life which you’ll find it pretty much everywhere. Alongside Cleopatra and Rainbow Riches its one of the founding fathers of slot games and helped to shape the way that we play free slot casino games today in all of popular online casinos.

Wolf Run slot game


The general idea of the game is to select a wagering amount that you want to place on a spin and then hope that you get three or more matching symbols spinning into the reels. Depending on the number and type of matching symbols you will win differing amounts and each symbols is allocated a different multiplier – that means when you win, you win a multiplier of your initial bet.

Line of bet is selected at bottom of the screen. Wolf Run slot game has 40 different winlines and you really should play them all so that you don’t miss out on any bonus wins.


This title also features few special symbols that spin into the reels to help you win. The first of these is the Howling Wolf Symbol. You can see three of them on Reel 4 in the screenshot above. This bonus Symbol often appears ‘Stacked’ on the reels, meaning that it’s possible to spin the Howling Wolf Symbol into every position on the reel. As the Howling Wolf Symbol acts as a Wild Symbol, it will substitute for all other symbols that can spin in (apart from the ‘Bonus’ symbol). 



This helps you make up winlines – if you have the Howling Wolf symbol spinning in on Reel 2 for example and two symbols the same on Reels 1 and 3, then the Howling Wolf symbol will substitute for that symbol, giving you three of a kind. These Wild Card symbols appear a lot in Wolf Run – you can (and I have) get stacked Wild symbols occupying all reel positions on three or more reels, helping you to win often, and also to win large too!

Free Spin Round

This game also features a symbol called ‘Bonus Symbol’ and if you manage to get three of these anywhere on the reels, you will start the Free Spins round. These Bonus Symbols only appear on Reels 2,3 and 4. They also pay you a Scatter Bonus – if you get three of them you will win a 2x multiplier of your total bet before it starts the Free Spins round.

You start with 5 free spins, which might sound a little bit mean, and they also pay out at the original wager rate that you won the free spins on. As each time you spin in another three Bonus symbols you will be awarded another 5 spins and another 2x multiplier of your initial bet. These free spins can be retriggered almost forever – or at least until you reach a maximum of 255 free spins, after which you will return to the normal game.

Final Words

When Wolf Run first hit all major online casinos it already had a fairly large fan base. So, it’s only natural that when online slot machine game came out, it was a blast. And why it shouldn’t? It has great and vivid graphics, simple and clean gameplay that is well-combined with bonus features that generate high payouts. Our safe recommendation.