Game Providers Review

Game Providers

When software companies got green light to put their business’s online, back at mid 90’s, the online gambling web history went way higher then everyone ever expected. It is the same as nowadays – when they already written the history of online gambling. So, amongst vast of gambling software companies, there were always few emerging and simply put, standing out of the crowd.

Nowadays every casino has obligation to pick highest of gambling games that are offered by the software companies because they will influence audience and their business to the core. By picking the most reliable high-quality software company, all the customers will be provided the best, most secure gameplay they can find. Among vast of the gambling software companies there are quite a few recognizable names such as: Playtech, Rival Gaming, Cryptologic, Microgaming, NetEnt, Ream Time, Vegas Technology, WagerWorks and many more. They all live up to their name and provide one of the best online gambling games ever. They are all cut to the perfection.


rival gaming logo

Rival Gaming is a software developer for online casinos and game rooms and despite the fact the company is one of the new ones it has one of the best platforms on the Internet. The company was founded in early 2006 and has shown steady growth in developing their network of download-only casinos. Rival Gaming is owned by Black Chip Limited, which is located in Nicosia, Cyprus.

playtech game provider

Playtech is one of the leading gaming software company that was founded in 1999. They are one of the largest publicly traded online gaming software suppliers for online casinos, land-based kiosk networks, and online fixed-odds arcade-style games, online poker, bingo, mobile gaming, and much more.

Their main targeted audience are land-based casinos that wish to launch their own websites. Playtech has grown to over 550 personnel and counting which is really impressive for a gambling gaming software company. The company has offices scattered across the globe and over eighty percent of its staff is dedicated to research and development of new games.

cryptologic software providers

Cryptologic is an award-winning company and one of the leading software developers of online casino games. They are originally based in Toronto, Canada but now have corporate headquarters in Europe. The company was founded in 1995 and in 1996, they went live on the internet with their first online casino, InterCasino and they were the first software developer to offer multi-player games in their casinos.

microgaming games logo

Microgaming Solutions is one of the leading developers and providers of software’s in the gambling industry. The company offers various products for online casinos, web-based poker rooms, and progressive jackpot networks. They also develop platforms for land-based casinos and wireless casino gaming as well. Microgaming Solutions offer over 300 different casino games.

net ent softwares

We can call Net Entertainment a market leader in browser-based gaming software, specifically for their Java based casino gaming software. With the headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden and all gaming development is produced in their home offices – nothing is contracted out as with many gaming software companies.


Evaluating Game Providers


When it comes to evaluating the gambling game providers there are a lot of general facts and overall quality of the software company to be considered. So, beside critical judgment there are few criteria that need to be look into. Those criteria can also be used by any player that is looking to find that perfect software company that hit his needs just right.

  General games variety

We consider these criteria to be up of most importance since overall quantity and type of games that one software company has to offer, is the most crucial factor are players going to try their games or not. The type of games found at most popular casinos nowadays are basically the same, which is a good thing. They all provide cutting edge software companies products to provide their customers with best service available. Some of the popular games provided by giants of today’s gambling software development are games like: Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Craps, Keno, Pai Gow Poker, Video Poker and Slots.


 As technology grew bigger and bigger the overall safety has become one of the main criteria when it comes to online transactions overall. These criteria are utterly important since none wants to think about their money and personal data went to a wrong hand.

So, reputable and whitelisted casinos that offer reliable software products are always a best choice to go.

Compatibility of the software

 General customer public in online gambling world can be very demanding which is a good thing since they push game providers to their higher limits. Demandable stuff and features like mobile and tablet compatibility is something every new game provider must provide no matter the cost. Multi-platforming is generally a good thing since it provides many needed investments in further development of gambling software’s that must run alongside with everyday hard-working digital era man.

Speaking about general compatibility of software game providers launch, type of software (downloadable or not) needs to be top-notch and in the trend with new technology standards.

Graphics & Audio

 When it comes to general design of the game and that includes, graphics, gameplay, audio and visual elements, there so no dispute that is really an important part of every game. Back when it all started the most popular were standard 2D videos games which can be seen in all new casinos too. That is just a proof that good design has a big impact on the game. So, game providers found themselves challenged and pushed the limits to new age online gambling games in 3D and with great audio quality. All the uniqueness of the sound effects in games as well as overall quality of audio effects is very important. Nowadays we can come across a lot of VR games offers which shows the power of the effort game providers do put in.

Technical Support

 Technical support is also one, not less important, game providers criteria that needs to be met to the highest standard when evaluating a gambling game provider. Email, phone, live chat contact, are just some of the basic stuff we require for game providers to have. Multilanguage system is something that comes along with a good communication so we also find it mandatory.



-Where to download or play most reliable game providers games?

Well, with all the criteria mentioned above needed to be met, any of the popular casinos will be the most reliable and safest pick. You can check out our evaluation of online casinos to ensure that you picked a most reliable, high-quality casino.

-Are casino software’s safe?

It is an easy answer: If you go with most reliable and reputable online casinos, there is no chance you will miss. We are talking about highly-reputable online casinos that provide up most perfect online gambling software. Their security is always top-notch and general accessibility is great.

-Can I play in on my phone or other portable device?

The multi-platforming as well as high-quality experience is something that is highly accessible for every iPhone, Android device as well as all of computer operating systems. Overall experience in online gambling world via mobile device or a tablet is really a memorable and enjoyable experience. It is the trend that all of the best game providers must follow and implement up to the perfection.

-Is it fully legal?

With industry rising wildly back in the 90’s most of the countries around the globe accepted online gambling via their country law acts. Now, there are a lot of disagreements and certain regulation some countries have vetoed but as far as the player is considered it is legal. In most situations, online casinos forbid access to the public from certain country or continent – that is to keep everything legal and secure.

Our Final Thoughts

As far as we are concerned, there are a lot of criteria and aspects that needs to be look at when someone’s evaluate online gambling game provider. It is the industry that is successfully growing since it was created and will most probably never stop. The vast of picks that are offered to every-day player are tremendous, but to be really honest – they are all really great! From the Playtech’s amazing wagers at slot machines up to the Cryptologic’s perfect game design, they are all writing a piece of online gambling history.