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You would love to have so much money, few companies, and hotels, wouldn’t you? You can have all of that – at least in Monopoly slot games.
The original game is designed for those who have big dreams, sharp mind and patience to dominate the market. This is in short terms – a property trading board game. Like in the real world, monopoly is domination of one single entity on the market. Here we are talking about real estate, where the goal is to have as many properties as you can so you can collect rent from others and lead them to bankruptcy. It has forty spaces, including GO, Jail, Just Visiting, Free Parking, four railroads, two utilities, three Community Chest spaces, as well as the Income Tax and Luxury Tax. Players also can step on Chest or Chance and get one of the thirty-two cards and get instructions to do something. Also, the playing figures are something unique to this game.

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The original board game motives and charm transferred into Monopoly casino games.

The reason why you should be slightly familiar with the original game is that the characters and cards can often be used to form wilds, bonuses, the whole set of the game can have Monopoly based theme and all of its features in smaller or more significant amount. Most of the Monopoly based slot games are available in Las Vegas casinos, and you can also play it online for free or cash it in for real money if that’s what you are after. The Monopoly slot games are a quite vivid representation of the original game, and many monopoly free slots can bring you joy as no other slot game can. Mr. Monopoly is always there to cheer you up and maybe give you some bonus round. Feel free to go through our quick reviews of some games that are available; you will find something that fits you for sure!

Monopoly slots games reviews

Take the time to go through our quick reviews of Monopoly casino games that we found most engaging and exciting. You will notice that we have analyzed the games in general terms. It is up to you to try out and experience the game itself so you can define which one is the best for you.

Super Monopoly Money

Super Monopoly Money Slot BonusHere to take as much fortune as you can, right? No worries, the famous symbols like a top hat or short can cash your stake up to 140 times, the car and boat are worth two times more, and the all known dog makes your stake multiple up to incredible 450 times. The jackpot will make you rich by multiplying your stake up to amazing 75,000 times! Keep in mind that Mr. Monopoly can be used and substitute any card except for the Free Parking symbol so that you can trigger Wild Bonus with this or with any other payout symbol. Free Parking symbol is an exception since it can create a formation for you to unlock Free Parking Bonus! This bonus gives you the possibility to pick any of the five available Free Parking Symbols. The symbol is also opening a Bonus or a Wild logo which you can select. You have following possibilities available – 3 Bonus symbols are triggering eight free games, 4 give you ten free games, and 5 give you 15 free games. One special treat for the end – Click The Wheel Bonus. Like in the original board game, Hotels and Houses increase the worth so that these can multiply your balance up to 200 times. Chance and Community Chest cards are also very generous – you can increase your balance up to 200 times. This one also gives you different multipliers that can raise your stake up 100 times. So try your luck here and enjoy the game!


Monopoly Big Event Slot Machine ReviewBig Event Bonuses are going to get you the most stake multiplications, but more on that later. First get to know with the primary game, which includes very often seen numbered and lettered symbols, regular for any types of slots. Don’t rush to disregard them, since they can bring you from 10 to 200 times stake increase if matched. Monopoly means that famous figures will return the most value for you in this type of casino slot games. Let’s start with the most profitable one – Mr. Monopoly can bring you increase up to tremendous 2000 times! The ship can bring you increase of 1000 times, Car up to 500 times and Dog will increase your balance on this Monopoly slot game up to 300 times. You can get a glance of Big Event by getting four to five Wilds, giving you the chance to see which Chance Cards are the ones that you are looking for when it comes to seeking hotels and houses. Now, onto the main prizes. There are multiple bonuses that you can win in this game. The major ones are the Epic Spins Bonus, the Progressive Multiplier Bonus, and Persisting Wild Big Event. The first one brings you multiplication of all spins by five times, and the last one will lock all Wilds in place for incredible five turns! Progressive Multiplier can be played for 20 coins – five spins. If you are up to big bets and big fun – this is the game for you.

Monopoly Plus

Monopoly Plus No Deposit BonusWell, this version of available Monopoly casino games is pretty engaging and profitable that there are no Wilds available (yes, you read it right). As an alternative, you can randomly unlock Mystery Wild Bonus. Once the player cannot get on of the Board Bonuses, or land on any of the Logo symbols available, Mr. Monopoly can bring you a lot of wins when he decides to jump from one reel to another. He creates more and more Wilds (he makes Wilds make the Mystery Wild Bonus). You have plenty of Bonuses available in this Monopoly slot game. Some of them are GO Bonus (which is the biggest), Jail Bonus, Property Bonus, Utility Bonus, and Community Chest Bonus. All of this bonuses can make you rich by triggering so exciting combinations for you to win. Looks like almost like magic when you hit the most significant GO Bonus and the Monopoly, as a quite complicated game itself, brought along with the theme space for very attractive possibilities for creating bonuses. Enjoy the joy when you hit the Board Bonus icons on the fifth, third and first reel, when you get yourself a nice mini-monopoly slot that will increase rewards or win additional rolls and celebrate when you get the chance to roll the Utility Bonus individual dice with unique prices. And one last thing – don’t be afraid of Jail. It can surprise you and even win you some additional prizes.

Epic Monopoly II

Epic Monopoly II gameThis Monopoly slot is truly epic since the possibilities for crashing bonuses are just unbelievable. Someone has been creative when it comes to prizes in this variation. Epic Wilds are not like usual ones, since not only they can substitute any of them to make a winning combo, but also appear on all four positions on some of the main reels. Colossal Reels are special because, when Epic Wilds appear on all four positions as described before, they mirror them on another reel! This is only the begging for this monopoly slot. Bonus Symbols can trigger Epic Wheel, but you need at least 3 of them. Still, if you get more, you can get up to 100x increase of your stake, depending on how many you have them. Epic Wheel brings even more joy with up to 20 Epic Free Spins and Epic Chance Bonus or an extra spin and double of your initial bet. Expanding Wilds on the Colossal Reels are wonderful additions which can bring you huge awards, more free spins, and many initial-bet multiplications. This monopoly casino game is full of surprises, and Expanding Wilds is one of them, since the cover the whole reel, turning every symbol on the reel into a Wild. We call it a surprise since you cannot control or know when it will land or where. You can earn some big bucks here since the game offers a wide diversity of chances for winning. The bonuses are generous, and the whole concept is quite intriguing. Watch for those Expanding ones; they can indeed make you rich.

£1 Million Monopoly

1 Million Monopoly free spinsThis monopoly slot brings not one, but four possible games for you to play and win up to £1 million! That sounds like a huge opportunity, and it is. Choose what suits you, but we must warn you that this monopoly casino game is like no other. It might take you a while until you get a huge reward, but it is much bigger when compared to other slot games with faster, yet smaller payouts. Also, the user experience is different. You start with cards in six different rows. Your task is to flip the cards and match three to win the prize. It might sound simple and small, but the main prize is £1 million. The next game consists of two dice. Land a double and you win. You get to see the prize once the dice with doubles land on it. Then you need to reveal the symbols to add up to each line to 10. In this case, you win. The last game hides the main man – Mr. Monopoly behind mystery symbols that you are revealing will bring you a major payout. Inching Gaming presents this game as a chance to win cash online without complex play, so give it a try. Such variety that four games in one monopoly slot can provide is a unique experience and gives you more chances of winning great cash prizes. We are not talking about dollars here, but pounds are fine with me, and I believe that you wouldn’t mind few extra of it.

Once Around Deluxe

once around deluxe slot free spinsWell, this monopoly slot game from Williams Interactive will not disappoint you. Conquer this game as you would the original board game and enjoy the great environment, since this is the second Monopoly slot game released by this company, as the successor of Super Monopoly. You have plenty of opportunities to cash out from this monopoly slot that has 15 paylines, five reels, wilds, bonuses and not one, but two scatters. The bonus symbol activates the special Around/Twice Around bonus feature. Let’s start with the already known – the Car, the Boot and the Dog. These three will win you decent payouts, but if you spin three or more of these in a winning line, you can multiply your stake up to 7 times (the Car will bring you the most significant multiplication). The utility symbols like Electricity and Water, the Free Parking, Railway Station, the Ring and the Dice are also there to multiply your initial stake, some more than others. Mr. Monopoly is the Wild card, and it has two possibilities. One is to give you outstanding prizes that go up to 200x for five, or he can substitute any symbol (but not the scatters) and give you a chance to win a bonus. The exciting part is where the famous cards – the Chance card and Community chest are turned into scatters that give you up to 30 rates when you get three or more. So take your chances to win the treasure hidden in the chest.

Mega Movers

Monopoly Mega MoversMonopoly Mega Movers is genuinely a monopoly casino game that you must try out since it comes with a 250x base game jackpot, and that’s not all folks. There are quite a few interesting bonuses and additional features that make this title different from others. Of course, neither one Monopoly slot game is complete without famous and beloved items like Top Hat, Battleship, Car, Train, and also Dog, Duck, and Cat. Modern versions have substituted some of the items with new ones like Penguin and T-rex so that they can be found in this slot as well. Mr. Monopoly will show up occasionally; he can’t be left out. Shining and sparkling, Monopoly Mega Movers is a type of game that screams “jackpot” and “big prizes” when you see it. Elegant and attractive, this slot will not disappoint you. Now, let’s talk prizes. You can win just by finding three or more matching icons since all paylines are permanently active. Three Top Hats, Cars, Battleships or Trains can give a 5x return, while Mr. Monopoly alignment can bring up to 250x. Don’t get discouraged, since there are various ways for you to get big prizes here. The black background is usually dull, but here it can get you a free spin, which gives you a chance to win Random Wilds Bonus or a Free Spins Bonus, with a possibility to win a progressive jackpot that hides at the side of the reels. The more blank spaces you get, the bigger is the payout. Extra Bet feature can increase your wager by 50%, but the whole slot will have this 50% wager increase by default. You should try out this Monopoly slot game online before you place any real bets and see how you can get the most out of it.

We got another Monopoly slot for you coming from Barcrest software. The traditional concept of the game with few very interesting updates will make you love this casino game. It comes with five reels and forty paylines, but also with a bunch of Wilds, Free Spins and Big Bet bonus. The title indicates that properties – in this case, houses, in particular, are crucial for the game. The Wild Houses are falling down the reels on every spin. This means that on every spin you have a chance to get Wild multiplication, since Houses make icons into Wild Cards, and that’s not all. The House might turn into a Hotel and bring you a random multiplication. The Wild Icons can get sticky over a round of 8 free spins when you find three Monopoly scatters on the reels. Now, something for big players. Big Bet Free spins feature gives you a possibility to pick from one to four modifier cars and a round of free spins for twenty to fifty credits. The modifier card is special since they can bring you persistent Wilds, Hotel Multiplier Wilds, free spins and so much more. The minimum limit for this Monopoly slot machine is 0.20 credits, and the maximal is 500.000 credits. You can win the main jackpot when five House icons land on the reels on any of the forty paylines. If you choose to play for real money, you can multiply the initial bet up to 200 times.

On the Money

on the money slotWe are not out of Monopoly casino games yet, since Monopoly On the Money is a slot worth of shot. This five-reel, ten-paylines slot has a 2000x jackpot and few additional features on the side! Huge variety of possible multiplications like Big Bet Spins, Sticky Wilds, free spins and reel extensions gives a whole another experience. Since the prizes are impressive, you might want to take a shot with a free online slot game. Try the game and see all of its possibilities. Then go and try it out for real money so you can win yourself big bucks! Now, let’s break the prizes down and see some of your options. The massive jackpot of 2000x multiplication can be a win if you have five logo symbols in a full row. This is the biggest of all prizes, but you can still win 1000x with five Top Hats, or 500x when five Cat or five Dog symbols are aligned across the ten paylines. The Wild Icons can replace any symbol, and the GO Scatters, if you get three or more on the reels anywhere across the paylines, can get you up to twenty free spins. This is not all – if you see Mr. Monopoly on reels during Free Spins, you can get up to 2500x prizes or option to gamble and win free spins.

Big Bet feature opens a whole new box of possibilities to multiply your bet. You can benefit from Chance Card bonuses Sticky Scatters or Wild Symbols, get a Red Hot ReSpin, and of course, the House or Hotel extensions that expand the reels upwards for one or two lines.

Rising Riches

Monopoly Rising Riches No DepositGamesys brings you this monopoly casino game, with five reels and twenty-five paylines. Also, you can run into Scatters and Wilds all over the place. Simple and clear, without additional fuss, this slot is for those who prefer a more minimalistic game. An exciting turn here is that you can watch some symbols just appear and then disappear, then being replaced with new icons that fall into their place, while the other tiles are frozen. This can get you a few extra wins. Now, don’t know if you are superstitious, but you might want to blow your dices since here the can bring you big bucks. The Dice is a Scatter in this Monopoly casino game, and if you get three or more of them, you can get yourself quite a reward. Five Scatter match can bring 25x multiplication. This Monopoly slot is not something special, it can be a bit tiring after a while, but it surely deserves a place among better titles with Monopoly them. A basic yet useful slot is something you should miss.

Final Words

Hope you found some quality information regarding Monopoly casino games here. We tried our best to set the foundation for your gaming experience concerning this theme. You can check out our other reviews and see a more in-depth analysis of certain slot games. We wish you luck in trying out these slot games. Have fun!