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Video Poker is something that every casino needs. Video Poker games come with simple gameplay and are perfect combinations of poker and video slots. Game providers are regular in creating video poker but the games do remain within the boundaries of its simplicity as in comparison to slot machines, it’s much harder to create different themed video poker games with imaginative stories. Anyhow, there are many versions of video poker each coming with different options such as multi-hand variants where you get to play with multiple hands at the same time and provide more chances to getting those lucrative poker hands.

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Recently, video poker has reached high popularity among the players online. This is because the players love casino games that provide great chances for winning big and that are compatible with mobile devices. But first things first. In order to play video poker wherever you are you need to learn about this game. And we’ll provide you with all the important info that will help you get the grasp of video poker quickly including general rules as well as strategies of this popular casino game.

Video Poker dates back from 1891 when Sittman and Pitt poker slot machine was created. The machine featured 5 reels with playing cards where the player needed to insert a coin and pull the handle which would spin the cards and make a final poker hand. Ever since then, video poker started developing and today we have improved and numerous versions of the game. And thanks to modern technology today and the online world of gambling, we can easily choose the video poker variant that we love and enjoy it whenever and wherever we wish.

Video Poker and Basic Rules of the Game

Video Poker has a big pool of fans including beginners as well as connoisseurs and experienced players and the number is growing by the day. This is especially due to the fact that the game is now compatible with all devices including handheld ones which allow the players to access the game at any time and place. Now, the aim of the game is to have the best hand possible at the end of the round which is probably familiar to anyone who has ever heard of the game of poker. The rules are simple, the players can either keep the cards they are dealt or discard them. It’s as simple as that. And when it comes to differences between playing video poker online or in land-based casinos, there aren’t many. Basically, in land-based casinos, the players insert the coins in the video poker machine, press the deal button which will make the cards be dealt. The players can keep the cards or press the deal button to get new ones. The aim is the same and it all depends on the four cards in your ‘hands’. As for the online video poker, the rules are the same. But there are many other great advantages and possibilities. For example, the players can choose to play video poker by downloading the game or not, as well as choose to play video poker for free or real money. The free versions are a great opportunity for the players to practices their skills and strategies as well as learn all about the game without risking their money. Of course, when playing with real money, the players gamble with their wallet and with a good poker hand, their wallet gets bigger.

Steps Leading To Wins In Video Poker

The difference between playing video poker and the classic poker game is that in video poker you cannot trick your opponent by bluffing and using your best poker face. This may cause a lack of excitement to the game as there’s no challenge in proving your bluffing skills but nevertheless, the other charms of poker still remain. Anyhow, without bluffing and winning the game with nothing in your hands by tricking the fellow players, in video poker you need to have at least one pair of jacks in order to get a chance for a win. Now, even though the poker is a game of chance and the cards in your hands depend solely on the draw, there are still some strategies that you can use when playing video poker online. For example, when you are playing Deuces Wild video poker, the twos are quite important cards that you should pay attention to. The deuces are the wild cards that will provide you with better outcomes than in other video poker games. For instance, if you have two 2s, these should be kept only if you aim at high-five royal or a straight. On the other hand, if you happen to have three 2s, you should keep those unless you’re aiming at high-five royal or if you have three adjacent cards between ten and six. Also, with one deuce in your hands, you can keep it if you also get three of the same cards between ten and six. These are some of the steps that you can follow in order to try and get the best card hands possible in Deuces Wild video poker that is only one of the many versions of video poker online. Also, some video poker versions may offer a gamble option to double your wins. With this option, you get to draw a card and if the card is of greater value then the computer card, your winnings are doubled. But if it’s not, you lose your wins. Of course, it’s the players’ choice whether to risk and gamble their wins or just collect them right away.

Video Poker and Its Variants

Video Poker games are one of the most loved and played table games in online casinos. With five cards in your hands, the aim is to combine them and create the best possible hand in order to hit a win. There are many variants of the game and each relies on that same rule. Here, we’ll briefly introduce you with five of the most popular video poker variants: Jacks or Better, All American, Aces and Faces, Deuces Wild, and Tens or Better.

Jacks or Better

This five-card poker game has also been transferred to the online world and joined the other video poker games. The game is quite easy to play, just like all the rest. You will be dealt your cards after which you get to chose whether to keep them all or replace one or more cards for new ones from the deck. Basically, this version of video poker is the closest one to the classic poker game. So if you’ve never played any poker variant, then this one should be your pick as with Jacks or Better you can easily master the basic rules of poker. Just like its name suggests, the pair of jacks or better is a winning hand. With just a few rounds of the game, you will easily grasp how everything functions after which you can play other variants that come with different options. Anyhow, to win big, your poker hand must be as best as possible and the most lucrative hand is, of course, flash royal. While the least you need to hit a win is a pair of jacks.

Aces and Faces Video Poker

This video poker game comes with similar rules as those of Jacks or Better. It is quite a simple game to play so even the ones who have not played poker before can easily find their way through Aces and Faces. Here, depending on the cards in your hand, you get to choose between a few bets. In order to win a bet, you need to have at least one poker combinations or more. And you get two different draws. As soon as you place your bets, the game begins with you being dealt five cards which you can replace if you need to enhance your hand. But at all times, you must play with five cards, no more and no less.

All American Video Poker

Just like in Jacks or Better, to win in All American, you need to have a hand of at least a pair of jacks or better. What makes All American different than other poker games is its paytable where some combinations pay out much higher while some are a lot lower. Anyhow, just like in any other game, not just poker, to start first you need to place your bet. After you’ve chosen the amount you wish to stake, the game will begin and you will be dealt five cards. And then the decision follows whether to keep the cards or not. The ones you wish to discard will be replaced with new ones and hopefully complete your poker hand. After all of that, if you hit a win, the amount will be paid out to you according to the paytable and the poker hand you have. But if you wish you can choose not to collect your awards and gamble your wins with the aim of doubling it all or losing it all.

Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is a classic poker version that comes with some extra added features. This video poker variant is a bit different than the other standard versions and therefore it is more thrilling for the players. The aim of the game remains the same as in standard poker game, but there are new special cards added to the game. These are wild cards that have the power of taking different values, thus providing the player to form extra combinations. The players start the game by setting their bets after which they are dealt five cards. And just like in other poker versions, the drill is the same: keep the cards or choose the ones you wish to replace. What differentiates Deuces Wild from other video poker games is that different combinations can be formed with different payouts. Here, you have combinations called natural and award-winning hands. This game is all about those 2s so whenever you get them dealt to you, make sure not to discard the as those are the reel stars of the game.

Tens or Better Video Poker

When you start playing Tens or Better, you will notice the similarity with Jacks or Better video poker. Mainly, here, to win a hand you need to have at least one pair of cards, and that pair is a pair of tens. Once again, setting the bets comes first after the game round begins with 5 cards being dealt to you. And of course, then comes your decision whether to keep them all or discard some of them and replace them with new ones from the deck in order to get the poker hand you aim for. And the combination of the cards in your hand is what will determine the amount of the payout. All in all, the whole gameplay is simple and easy to understand. Once you figure out all the poker hands, you will easily start combining those cards and hitting the most valuable hands. Here, you can also choose to gamble away your wins in the hope of getting them doubled or risk and lose all.

Strategies For Playing Video Poker Online

Video poker is an interesting and exciting casino game to play and the one that can bring you quite juicy awards providing you use the right strategies. Compared to video slot machines that play solely on luck, video poker can be played with certain strategies that can lead you to winnings. One of the tactics in video poker includes choosing the right video poker variant. The one that is highly popular among players is Deuces Wild that comes with high players advantage rate. So you can choose to play this video poker variant with the easiest way to create poker hands and explore all its options in order to get the most of the game in your own advantage. Also, when you’re choosing a video poker game, make sure to find the one with the multi-hand option which will provide you the chance of playing several hands at the same time allowing you to win more at once. And finally, the best way to enhance your play is to adopt a certain strategy or tactics. You can always follow the steps of more experienced players and learn from the experts. To build your own strategy try to get as much information about the game and its functions. Always think about your cards and the combination possibilities and try to avoid just choosing the cards by following your feelings. Try to study the odds and combinations which will later give you a better chance for wins.