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In the big online pool of casino games, Craps probably comes as a pretty special treat. It is a dice game where you bet on the outcome of the game and has been pretty popular for so long. In general, it is very easy to play as well as to win and in the online world of gambling, there is a craps version for everyone’s taste. It’s not that easy to explain the origin of its name, but what we’re interested in is that this casino game offers a lot of winning opportunities and there’s a lot of money circulating online around craps tables and since there are so many variants on the game, we recommend this casino gem to everyone. Benefits of playing craps at online casinos include the wide range of craps variants, Live versions with live dealers where the game is streamed live via HD webcams that provide players to play the game in real time as if in land-based casinos. There are also many attractive bonus packages when it comes to this casino game. As for the payouts, the players are in for some high awards with craps. And playing craps online enables the players to contact the casino’s customer support if any problems or issues about the game arise. This makes the whole gambling experience perfectly on point.

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Some Craps Online Basics

Once you get a hang of it, Craps is pretty much easy to play. Mainly, there are two dice that the players must throw over the big craps table (in the case of online playing, a virtual table, of course). While one player throws the dice, other players can bet whether the shooter is going to win or lose. And for the shooter to win, the sum of the two dice must be either 7 or 11. If shooters come-out roll is 2, 3, or 12, this is called ‘craps’ and ends the round. But any other number will allow the shooter to throw the dice again. There are so many possible bets at this game and all the players who don’t act as shooters (the player who rolls the dice) can pass the bets. The main bets include Pass Line and Don’t Pass line bets which basically depend on whether the shooter rolls 7 or 11 or not. If we compare this game to any other casino game, there’s no similar one where so many players can bet at once and enjoy the game all at once. This is why craps is an exciting and charming game that offers a great range of betting options at the table. The thrill is always on the roll in craps, that’s for sure.

Richer Experience When Playing Craps Online

It is not even a surprising fact when so many people choose to play craps online instead of in land-based casinos and this is because online casinos offer a lot more possibilities and benefits. Furthermore, at online casinos, there are different kinds of craps variants, which is land-based casinos cannot offer. The main reason for this is the limited space in the gambling halls that is usually limited to one craps table or maybe one or two extra ones with only a few variations of the game offered if any. But online, craps fans can enjoy the game without any limitations and whenever they wish with so many additional extras.

Finding a Good Casino That Offers Craps

There are so many online casinos today that offer great service as well as a safe gambling environment which is very important as you want to avoid any frauds or rigged games. The first thing you should do before you engage in a casino is to do a little research and test a casino and see what’s there on offer. Pay attention to their website, the games loading time, what craps variations they have on offer, their customer support service which is always of use for situations where you have any issue, terms, and conditions of a casino, etc. Careful research will payout in the end as you will enjoy a good time while playing your favorite craps game. Also, always look for promotions, bonuses as well as tournaments that a casino may offer for craps to make the most of your experience at a certain casino. There are many of these kinds of offers including special VIP packages, which are usually only applicable for registered customers.

Is Craps Available for Play on Mobile Devices?

Well, thanks to the technology today, almost every casino game is available for mobile gaming and this, of course, includes craps as well. With modern software and the providers who make sure to provide the ultimate gaming experience for their players, craps can be played online on any kind of device. The game is available for instant play via Flash on your internet browser, therefore, you can roll the dice across craps table wherever you are via your smartphone or tablet. Playing craps via mobile devices is especially easy and fast-paced which provides the players to get their wins in no time. Whatever the smartphone you own, you can enjoy craps on any such as Android or iOS.

Explore the Online World of Craps

Craps is a popular and classic casino game that is played all around the world. It is probably the most entertaining casino game and you probably know about this game from the movies. There are so many scenes in movies where people gather around a big table and cheer for the Shooter. These kinds of scenes breathe fun and excitement and this is because that’s what craps is all about. Anyhow, when you play craps online, there are so many extra benefits and advantages as opposed to playing in land-based casinos. Online you can even practice your skills and learn all about the game without any risk of losing your money as there are free craps versions which are a great chance to get to know the game. This is a standard feature of online casino games: the opportunity to train without any risk. Learn all the rules, bets, and build your game strategy.
Craps as a casino game is a classic one with dice rolling which has been around for decades. It is a game that offers the true casino experience that allows players to engage in classic gambling with great betting opportunities. This game is all about details and different bets. There are many versions of the game offering different kinds of bets so you can see what’s the one that will suit you the best. The differences are small but for some crucial ones. There are also Live Craps that allow the players to enjoy the real-life gambling experience with the game streamed live via webcams in real time. Live Casinos featuring realistic setting are the best way for players to engage in virtual reality and get the most of the games.

Learn the Craps Rules and Enjoy the Fun

With different versions of craps, there are different rules which bring a different flow to the game, but some basic rules apply whatever the variant. The game is always played with two dice that the shooter rolls across the big craps table. All the players at the table place their bets for or against the shooter. The sum of the two dice is the important aspect of the game and everything revolves around the two dice on the table. Mainly, the shooter starts the game by rolling the dice and that first roll is known as a come-out roll where the shooter, as well as the other players, place either a Pass bet or Don’t Pass bet before the dice are thrown. If the sum of the two dice is either 7 or 11 on the first roll, all the Pass bets win, while Don’t Pass bets lose. This ends the first round. If on the other hand the dice sum as 2, 3, or 12 this is known as craps and also ends the round with Pass line bets losing and Don’t Pass bets winning. Now, if the come-out roll ends with 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, then that particular number becomes the shooter’s point. The dice are then rolled until 7 is rolled on the table. The rolled point number brings wins to Pass line bets, while 7 will bring a loss. The Pass line bet and Don’t Pass bet are the main bets that create an exciting competitive duel among the players.

There are so many different bets to be made at the craps table and they may differ between different variants of the game. Some of the bets in craps include Come bets, Don’t Come bets, or Odd bets. The whole gameplay may seem a bit complicated at first. But it is actually quite easy to play this casino game and a lot of fun, too. When you do a little research on all the possible bets at a certain craps game that you decide to play, you will quickly start to enjoy the game and make the most of its possibilities.

Different Versions of Craps Online

Craps is quite a flexible game with different versions offering many ways of placing different kinds of bets. This is why it’s useful to check what each version offered at online casinos has to provide. Playing for free is always a good option for exploring a certain game. Anyway, some of the most profitable bets in craps include Odds and Place bets but they do require an extensive understanding of the game so as you can play the game properly and not waste your money for nothing. For instance, Pass bets that players place are kept after the come-out roll until the shooter gets a 7. Place bets are also interesting as the players get to bet on a specific number. These kinds of bets come with high payout values. There are many combinations of numbers that can get you to some great wins. Thanks to the variety of offers at online casinos, you can always find craps version that comes with the best-suited opportunities for you.

The perfect way to find the game that will suit you the most is to explore the online casinos and free games versions that they provide for the players. Mainly, playing craps for free will enable you to learn about the game without any risk for your budget. Once you’ve got a hang of it, you are free to register at an online casino, make a deposit, and start gambling for real at any craps table that you find fit. Furthermore, some online casino has bonus offers for craps which also allow you to play the game without risking your budget at first. You should always search for info about these kinds of bonuses and learn about terms and conditions before you start gambling. This will allow you to properly use the bonus offer and work your way up to those craps profits.

Luck or Skills for Playing Craps?

Luck is always a big part of playing any casino game and it makes a significant influence on the outcome of the game. And you may think that for throwing dice at the craps table, luck is all you need. Well, not really. Although craps seem to be quite a simple dice game, it does require some kind of tactics and strategy in order to get the most of the game. And as with any other game, practice is what matters the most. The more you play, the better and more proficient you get. You cannot always rely on luck, especially if you are a beginner. Some kind of tactics and knowledge are always needed, that’s for sure. Everyone can play craps if they learn all that’s needed to play this game. It does come with simple rules, but of course, there are many bets to make as well as different variants of the game. So there may be all kinds of approaches to the game, therefore, learning all about the game is important in order to make the right decisions.
Craps combines fixed basic rules, versatile bets, as well as a risk which all make this casino game a perfect delight for the players. It is a casino game that requires certain strategies that should be applied in the game that will help you with getting the best possible outcome. Just like in poker or blackjack, tactics are important and it’s not all about the luck.

Fake Tricks and Tips For Playing Craps

As always, the internet is full of fake news and fake tricks that some people are trying to sell to the players. You should, therefore, be careful about these and try not to get manipulated by various parties online. Some of them will offer tricks relating to dice manipulation or influencing the bets which are a complete fraud, especially since online casino games are certified and equipped with strict algorithms. Not any operator will allow for their game to be subject to frauds or any similar suspicious acts. Online casinos enjoy a great reputation and in their partnerships with craps game developers make sure to provide the players with fair games only. But on the other hand, not everything on the internet is nonsense and useless information. Quite the contrary, there are also many tips and advise for proper craps playing which can help the players out with developing their gaming skills. Craps comes with many different bet options and there are many ways to play this game. Therefore, some useful tips are always welcome, and you should try and see what works for you the best. Here, we’ll offer some advice on how you can experience only the best of craps.

Craps Tips and Tricks That You Can Benefit From

First of all, you may take advantage not only of the game itself but also from online casinos that you play at. There are many bonus offers and promotions that you can benefit from without placing any bets yet. These bonuses are quite profitable, especially if they are well-structured. There are many perks on initial sign-ups where you can benefit from bonuses, as well as other promotions to VIP packages and tournaments. These are all aspects of online casinos that you should pay special attention to in order to enjoy all the benefits that you can get.

Furthermore, when you are not the shooter in craps, you get more advantage in the game since there are so many bet options to take. You just have to be well-instructed on the variety of the bets in order to act in your own favor. Try to play carefully without rushing and don’t waste your chips with no purpose as you can easily lose your advantage of the lucky streak in the game. If playing Live Craps, keep in mind other players as well as the croupier who often has some tips to offer to the players during the game.

Finding the proper online casino for playing craps is a big part of getting the most of your gambling experience. Casinos with a great variety of games and professional support as well as attractive bonus offers can do a great deal for your own benefit. In the end, like already said, it’s not all about luck, there’s a lot more to successful gambling than that. So make sure to follow our tips in order to experience only the best online while playing craps.

The Benefits of Playing Craps Online For Free

There are two possible ways of playing any online casino game including craps. The first one includes gambling for real with placing bets and taking risks in order to win as much as possible, while the other way of gambling is the free one, that is, playing without any risk of losing your money and that is a really good way to get to know a game. The second way of playing craps for free is especially convenient for all the beginners who are yet to explore the game. First of all, whether you play for real or with play money, there are already some advantages as opposed to playing at a land-based casino (that doesn’t offer the option of free craps version). Mainly, online you don’t have to bother about dress codes, admission fees, or working hours of a casino. And most importantly, the online gambling world offers so many games that are not available in land-based casinos. But the best one so far is the chance to try out a game for free. This allows the players to test for themselves all the craps versions, practice and most importantly, improve their skills. Without taking any risks, the players are able to learn all the rules of the game which is especially important for the newbies. Try out as many rounds at the craps table as you wish for free before you get to gamble for real.

The Ultimate Free Craps Training Online

First of all, unlike in land-based casinos, in the online world, there are many craps versions besides the classic one. And it is quite hard even for an experienced player to know all the rules of each version of the game. Therefore, the players get to explore craps games and learn what is the right one for them. This is possible thanks to the free craps games online. Since craps features various bet options, it is always advisable to get to know what each option stands for in order to know what your best steps in the game are. This is how you can make use of free play and improve your gaming skills up to the point when you are ready to take upon the action of gambling for real. Practice makes perfect and this is what you should keep in mind when starting your gambling journey, not only for craps but any other casino game. On the other hand, many will argue that playing for free may be a waste of time and the players should right away engage in real gaming. But at the same time, craps comes as a complex game due to many possible bets as well as different versions with different extras which means that a player cannot know how all of these function at first. Consequently, it seems a lot wiser to make use of free play versions and discover every game option in order to be able to make use of your money when playing for real. What’s the use of gambling and playing craps when you keep losing money because you are not familiar with the game? Keep this in mind (especially if you are a beginner), be clever and don’t waste the opportunity of free practice and gambling skills improvement.

What You Should Before Registering at a Casino to Play Craps?

Choosing a good online casino is always as important as getting to know the rules of a game that you play. That’s why good research on online casinos is a big part of your online gambling journey. There are so many online casinos today and the majority of them come with great service which is what you should be looking for. For you, as a craps fan, it is important to find a casino that has a lot of game variants so you could have plenty of options and diverse experience. Also, make sure to explore the bonuses and promotions that a casino has on craps so you could get all the benefits. The players can always send e-mails to a casino service and get all the information they need.

Next, it goes without saying that a casino must be reliable, safe, and certified. Some of the proven licenses include the ones from Malta or Gibraltar Gaming Commissions which guarantee legal and strict regulations as well as high-safety for the players. Another aspect of a good casino is the customer support service. The players can also look into various researches and rankings of casinos and find out which ones offer the best craps games and experience. After you’ve found the right online casino that will meet all your demands when it comes to playing craps, you can easily sign-up and start your craps adventure and explore all the benefits of the game, as well as of a casino.

The Advantages of Playing Craps Online for Real Money

Just like we already mentioned, online casinos today offer a lot more opportunities as opposed to land-based casinos. With playing craps online you can avoid all restrictions and sometimes dull rules of a land-based casino. Playing online will provide you with a lot more game versions to choose from as well as many benefits such as bonuses, VIP programs, and tournaments. Further advantages of playing craps online with real money include the fact that the players can enjoy this game whenever they wish and wherever they are. It is quite easy to find your way in any online casino regardless of the device you are using. Whether it is PC, tablet, or smartphone, you can fully enjoy craps. Another great option online is Live Casino for craps where players get to play this classic casino game in real time and chat with other participants int game as well as with the live Croupiers. Live Craps is a perfect way to capture the real land-based casino atmosphere and have fun with other players at the table. You can also exchange your knowledge about the game with fellow participants and maybe learn something new about certain craps strategies and get some new tips without having to do extra research elsewhere.

Online Casino Bonuses and Promotions For Craps Players

We’ve already mentioned so many advantages of playing craps online and casino bonuses are definitely one of the biggest ones. Mainly, land-based casinos often come with admission fees which is not the case with online casinos that often give money gifts upon entry. Just a warm welcome from online casinos that attract so many players and persuade them to play online instead. This is a great marketing move for casinos, but an even greater opportunity for the players who get to start their gambling adventure for free at an online casino. There are different types of bonuses offered for craps such as a no deposit casino bonus, regular deposit bonus, VIP packages that for example include free games after a certain period of being a regular customer at a casino. No deposit bonuses as a part of a welcome package are pretty often offered at casinos online, but these are usually reserved for slot machines. This is why you should do thorough research on online casinos and find just the right ones that do offer Bonuses that can be used for playing craps. Furthermore, many bonuses that offer cash come with certain requirements that must be fulfilled in order to get that money into your account. The requirements usually include wagering the bonus 50x or more before being available for a payout. This means that you get to play craps, risk a bit, and earn your bonus. Sometimes these requirements are hard to meet, and it all depends on your luck and skills at the craps table. Anyhow, learn all about the bonus offers by reading the conditions of a promotion in order to get the most of it.

Enjoy the Classic Casino Game Online and Roll the Dices For Win

Craps is one of the classic casino games that offers the ultimate fun at the big table where dice rule the game. This is a game for every casino games enthusiast as it comes with rather simple and fun gameplay, many betting options, and high profits. Playing craps online offer a lot more benefits than playing in land-based casinos since you get many perks such as bonuses, promotions, as well as being able to play anytime and anywhere. To get the full craps experience make sure to learn the rules of the games and all the bet options that can lead you to better wins. All in all, this casino game is a real thrill and it is worth a try as the fun is guaranteed.