Monopoly Mega Movers Slot

Monopoly Mega Movers

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Mega Movers Slot introduction words

If you decided to put a break at playing more traditional fruit based slots and you are not sure where to move from there, this particular Monopoly themed slot machine game is calling your name. It literally says ‘Mega Movers’ in the slots title. So, naturally, this is just the slot you are going to move to after you take break from other slots or casino games. WMS software, the well-known giants of gambling software industry, has started experimenting with Monopoly type slots while ago. While there were many popular monopoly products like Super Monopoly Money Slot Machine, WMS really got their thing just right with Monopoly Mega Movers slot. Apart from being very fun to play, given the theme and all, this game also very profitable and all thanks to 250x base game jackpot. Apart from jackpot game has many other bonus features as well as bonus games and no deposit bonus codes.

The shiny design of slot

The original design and style of monopoly board game has influenced developers of this slot too. So, you may find most of monopoly game figurines as symbols in this slot machine. Symbols include some like: car, monopoly hat, dog, cat, duck, train and battleship. There are also some of the more rewarding symbols like penguin, wild symbol, monopoly symbol and t-rex symbol. This fun slot has caught our attention design vise as soon as we first started it. Loading screen itself is very monopoly and brings that nostalgic few seconds of shivering before the game loads. Once the game is loaded you will notice very vivid reels with purple background window. Symbols don’t have borders around them but their designs don’t collide at all. Really impressive design work! Slots backgrounds do remind us of foggy rain dripping down the windows in its natural bluish color. If developer’s idea was to make this slot as classy and shiny as possible- they surely made it.

Wheel feature – rewards everywhere

Apart from reels described above, the slot also has three spinning bonus wheels above the reels. They are named 3, 4 or 5 ‘in the row’. What they do is quite simple actually. If you press the ‘Extra Bet’ button you will enable matching this bonus symbols. The cost of this is another 50% of wager. Rewarding structure is also simple: depending on how many background symbols you match (3, 4 or 5) you will get respectable free spins, random wilds as well as progressive jackpot. Once you match symbols the circle will appear at center of screen and roll you your reward. These rewards are usually quite generous so we suggest that you play ‘Extra Bet’ on this slot as soon as you can.

Wins! Wins everywhere!

Winning it huge on slot bonus game is really cool, we admit that. But what really ends up accumulating bunch of credit for slot player are standard wins and matching symbols as well as jackpots. While this slot has small prize of 5x of line of bet for matching either three cars, hats, ships or trains it also features the 250x rewards when give Monopoly icons are matched. Aligning the symbols should be fairly easy in this game since it has medium volatility of 96.05% RTP. 

What does this means for us?

Well, the slot isn’t afraid to give more frequent payouts which can accumulate at quite handsome sum of the credit. So, playing it overtime is relatively good idea.

How to achieve big wins at Mega Movers slot?

Well, after quite few test runs, we deducted one and one thing only: this slot pays really great at long runs! For example, if you play it for one credit line bet (wager of 50 coins) you win as big as 30 coins for all the paylines plus 20 coins or so for the bonus. Of course, you can activate ‘Extra Bet’ and gamble to win it really big. We have tested it with and without this particular feature and we surely do recommend playing it with this feature on. The symbols aligning seem just endless; the slot just keeps on giving.

Monopoly slots in general can be found in almost any respectable online casino of choice. They are wildly popular so you won’t have any issues tracking one down. They can be played on all modern devices such as phones and tables and they usually come with huge deposit bonuses or free spins which is never a bad thing.

Monopoly Mega Movers is shiny example of superb slot

If you ever looked for a slot to take your chances on winning it big this one might be brilliant one to go with. That is, of course, if you have extra minute of time in your hand. This slot is superb example of WMS experimenting with board game based slot game. With its sharp and clean design, the bonus payouts, free spins, wild and golden symbols this game will surely leave you breathless and wanting for more monopoly slot games. For final words, if we are to summarize this entire slot review, we can say that this slot is fairy moderate and fun to play. Unlike, Monopoly Bring the House Down slot game, it doesn’t require high wagers to win decent rewards.