Monopoly Bring the House Down Slot Machine

Monopoly Bring the House Down Slot Machine

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Our Introduction Word About Monopoly slots

As soon as the Monopoly was invented, back in early 20th century, the game became quite a hit. The point of the game and game itself follows ideology of getting hellish rich. It is only natural to assume that it will be integrated in today’s free online slots. When we say integrated, what we really hoped for to see was decent slot machine games. In return, various gambling giants like Barcrest software has brought before us some of the very best online slot games. Slots exactly like Monopoly Bring the House Down slot would have made the true creators of Monopoly board game very proud.

Slot general directives and features

Bring the House Down is one of Monopoly slots that has standard 5 reels and 40 paylines. There is nothing wrong about following these slot doctrines in creating a true slot masterpiece. Slot itself is very gifted with various bonus games that you will surely enjoy. Now, slots like this one here sometimes tend to fail on standard matching symbol payouts. This is not the case with this slot. If played correctly and on bit higher bets and lines played, this slot can be very generous with quite handsome payouts like 200X of value of the bet line. Now if that isn’t a thing to chase, then I don’t know what is. More about it in following text:

Standard spins in Monopoly Bring the House Down Slot Machine are the best

As we already mentioned above, the Monopoly Bring the House Down slot is more about winning it big on standard reels. Well, if you skip the minimum bet range of 0.20 credits (0.05 coins per line) and chase the higher ones like 10+ coins you can earn some real cash. The thing is that when played at high steaks this Monopoly slot game can bring up to 200X of return payment (the value of the bet on the line).

Some of the valuable Monopoly slot symbols

Well, the standard payouts do sound fancy but this game has a lot more to offer. Apparently, there is top jackpot to be won which is triggered by five wild house icons land on the reels of any respected lines played.

Game also features god icon that will pay 160x if matched as well as cat symbol that will award 80x of the betting line. The payouts are accumulating, as you can see. But this game has load more to offer like if you get five boat symbols, you can get 60x of the line of the bet. This one is triggered quite frequently and can accumulate high payouts overtime. That is one of the reasons why this Monopoly slot is loved by general public and professionals as well.

Bankroll explosion with this Monopoly slot’s bonus game

Monopoly slots in general are well known to have most awesome bonus games included. This surely is the case with this one too. As you start the game and set your respected betting range, you will notice houses falling down from top of the slot screen and selecting some of the active symbol. Well, these houses have a chance to switch your symbol to some of better value. For example, slot will occasionally turn selected fields into wild symbol. These wild of course are there to complete winning sequence. Also, more rarely, but often enough, symbols can be turned to hotels which apply huge multiplier to win. On top of all things mentioned, houses can also become sticky wilds during extra 8 free spins. However, free spins are only trigger-able with three logo scatter symbols on the reels. It would be too much to ask for this to be as achievable as other generous payouts.

Bet Big or Go Home

It is true that this slot can be played as penny slot machine, but it is also true that it pay lesser on low wagers. It’s ok because its fun anyways. You won’t miss a thing. Talking about higher wagers, you will notice purplish button right of the spin button with saying ‘BB’. That one is called Bet Big. What it does is gives you 5 free spins as well as 1,2,3 or 4 picks with a bonus symbols (cards). Bonus symbols can award various things like: free spins, sticky wilds, instant bonus credit, and much more presents. However, this comes with a price of 20, 30, 40 or 50 credits. Is it worth it? We did quite number of tests on this and our conclusion is that it does. If you didn’t skipped text above us, you noticed that this slot pay big buck at higher payouts with just standard symbols matching. Why not spice things up with Bet Big play and win it really big?

Monopoly BHD slot – the thing to play

All in all we have gathered quite some knowledge about this slot.

We know for the facts that it:

-can be played as both penny machine and on higher wagers (advisable)

-huge and generous standard symbol-matching payouts

-chance to win it big with slot bonus games and Bet Big option

-very fun and perfectly designed Monopoly slot machine game

Apart from mentioned, slot has some adventure-worth features like free spins and sticky wilds too. As the reel spins, you will notice that credit is going higher and higher. Just do remember to keep your wagers up as long as you can.

After all we must ask you? Isn’t this enough?  This 5 reel Monopoly slot is thing to go! Accumulate yourself a lot of high payouts and buy yourself nice trip somewhere. If you would like to try this great slot for few free spins, it can be achieved here.