Microgaming Keno Review

General overview

Designed and presented by Microgaming, one of the leaders in online casino software, keno games have gained their popularity in online and land-based casinos. The overall fun they bring alongside with possible and high winning chances just make players crave for one and one more game. Another great feature of Microgaming keno game is that you don’t have to wait a lot between games, so you will be having a non-stop fun. As all Microgaming boards, this one also has range of numbers between 1 and 80 and all you have to do, as a player, is select desired 15 numbers on the table. After that, the balls are rolled, 20 of them are randomly chosen and selected on the board. Depending on how many you have matched, you will get rewards accordingly.

Betting Options

Positioned in the left-center at the bottom of the game interface you have a betting options to select a desired chip size. Chip size scale from 1 to 10 and you can select it with “+” or “-” size.
Left of the board you can see the payout table which will show you possible rewards you can get. According to how many numbers you select the payouts will change.

Gameplay and Features

The board is colored in green color with numbers squared making this very easy to spot the selected and winning number. Making a selection of number will color that square into blue. The numbers that are chosen randomly will turn out gray at the board while matching the numbers will paint them into red-yellow combination making it easy to spot. Another great feature of Microgaming keno games is that you can always un-select some number and select a different one – making it blue.
As in all Microgaming games, no matter the gambling genre, you have vast of options available like: turning dealers voice on or off, general modification of sounds and graphics and much more.
Microgaming keno game has two minor downsides to it. One is that some of the players might find it slow with no ability to speed the game up. The other one is that there is no “Autoplay” available; and we all know keno players love their auto play mod.

Final Words

Never the less, Microgaming keno game is really awesome since they really did pay attention to general games directives and design. Graphics are vivid and clear, interface is helpful and game is easy to play and understand. So, there is no need to wait a minute more. Hop up into the keno train of memorable fun that will generate you nice cash if you are lucky enough, since, keno is game of pure luck.