Jewel Quest Slot Machine

Jewel Quest Slot Machine

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General overview 

It is clearly an adventure time! So, get on the trail to find precious stones rare head-sculptures carved in stone by ancient tribes in this Indiana Jones themed gameAdventurer’s challenge and you might get the some of the real treasure you want topping up your account. There has been few Indiana Jones themed game but this particular slot really tops the competition. It is also one of popular deposit bonus slots, so you will enjoy free stuff right from the start.


Jewel Quest is a game in which you progress through 5 levels, each with a different shaped grid containing between 66 and 90 squares. The Play button triggers a selection of symbols that drop on to the grid, so one symbol appears on each square. 3 or more of the same symbols appearing in a line, either horizontally or vertically – will result in a payout.  


A row or column of 11 AMBER stones will give the highest Jackpot of 2000x your bet. The winning symbols will disappear, making space for more symbols to drop on the grid, creating the chance for further payouts. The background of each square turns GOLD once it has been part of a winning combination and the level is complete once all the squares have turned gold. 


Bonus Features  

You then have the choice to advance to the next level or repeat the one you have just completed. However, there is no Bonus game between levels – only a fixed BONUS PAYOUT which increases in value through the levels, as higher levels have more squares that must be turned to gold.  

Now there is something crucially important to mention: if you change the value of your bet, you will be returned to the start of the current level – so all the squares so far turned to gold will be turned back to the normal brown color.  


Final Words 

This game is perfect representation of adventurous game packed with wonderful features. Bonus games between levels would make it even more fun but it is what it is. Game theme is really something that will make your stay awesome while providing you adventurous high-quality gameplay.