X-Men Slot Machine Review

X-Men Slot Overview

X-Men slot

Marvel comic book superheroes are always fun to play as a slot machine game and we guess that the X Men would have been the most obvious choice when you are picking a superhero themed game. However, the game does have somewhat of a full feel to it meaning that colors are muted and graphics are not so vivid. Reel symbols themselves aren’t that amazingly drawn too – maybe they should have used pictures from movies or something.

However, if you are fan of Marvel slots, grab you real casino no deposit bonus and enjoy your favorite superhero slot.


As it does lack in visual aspects, XMen slot game has some surprisingly great features. It is played out over 25 win lines across 5 reels, the idea is the same as it is in all online slots. Choose the number of lines to play (and as there are Scatter wins available I suggest that you always play the maximum number of lines) and then the amount that you want to wager per line. The total amount that you will be betting per spin is shown in the Total Bet box. The idea of the game is to match reel symbols running from left to right same as in most online slot games. The winnings are calculated as multiples of your line bet, and you can have more than one win per spin.

XMen also has another way that you can win on the reels. Managing to get 5 Good XMen in an X shape on reels 2, 3 and 4 then you will win 5x your Total Bet. There are a couple of other reels symbols to help you increase the chance of winning. Game also features wild symbols that substitutes for any other reel symbol (apart from the Scatter ones) to help you get multiple line wins which is always a good thing.


Bonus Round

Unique and very interesting feature of this particular game is it’s Bonus round. You can trigger bonus round with getting three or men X-Men symbols.

Free Spins bonus round starts with unlimited Free Spins. In this phase only the Good XMen appear as well as the Wild symbol. The reels will spin and you accumulate wins. All is good in the world of the XMen slot game.

However, there is an additional reel symbol that will appear – it also acts as a Wild symbol but also changes the screen from the Good XMen to the Bad X Men. When this happens, you have 8 spins left unless the Extra Wild symbol spins in. If it does, then the screen goes back to the Good XMen and your unlimited Free Spins continue.

This happens until you have gone over to the Bad Xmen Free Spins and your 8 Free Spins run out. At this point the Free Spins round will end and you go back to the main game. This particular bonus round is highly lucrative and can make loads of players interested in the game since you can easily make something as 50 or even more free spin rounds and get up to x600 you wager which can’t be a bad thing.

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